Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Why Do we LOVE @CharlieSheen ? Uh.. Bi-Winning, That's Why!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Why Do we LOVE @CharlieSheen ? Uh.. Bi-Winning, That's Why!

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I thought I was the only one...but reading everyone's Twitter stream tonight, clearly, I am not alone! People LIKE Charlie Sheen!

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Let's talk Charlie Sheen today. Back a year, or so, ago, when Charlie first attacked his third wife, I thought he was in despair and I was disgusted by his spousal abuse. A few months later when he attacked a prostitute / porn star in his hotel room, I knew he was in severe trouble. Then, more recently, when he was hospitalized with a handful of hookers at his home, and suitcase of cocaine, my exact words were, "Nothing *FUN* is happening at 6AM, when you're still there at 6AM, it is because you have to be.

Even at the same time, I knew that there had to be two sides to the story. When I learned that his wife (ex-wife) was intoxicated at 8:00 a.m. on Christmas Morning when the police arrived, that made me wonder. I like to drink, but I cannot recall the last time I was drunk at 8:00 AM, let alone on Christmas Day. I suddenly realized that they, Brooke and Charlie, were cut from the same cloth. This does not excuse abuse, it just makes me wonder more what exactly happened in that house.

With the porn / prostitute, I truly wonder what happened there too. No doubt that Charlie went mental, on a drug fueled rant or rage, but was she really afraid for her life? I mean, the guy was so messed up that he opened the hotel door naked for the NY City police. His lack of self-awareness is so weird.

For months and months, Charlie Sheen has not spoken up about the endless press about his addiction and his antics, he has bottled it up and refused to defend himself. Now, Charlie Sheen is speaking as much as he possibly can and I don't blame him, I'd likely do the same if everyone was passing judgment and diagnosing me as bi-polar because of a television interview. Yesterday, I watched a video with Bill Maher and I could not agree more with Bill Maher. Watch the video...

A 50+ year old man who chooses to live his life in this fashion, should absolutely have the right to do so. Perez Hilton asked his Twitter stream tonight, and I will paraphrase, Why was everyone so freaked out about Brittany Spears but they're OK with Charlie Sheen. I thought I would bullet point my thoughts on why we're OK With Charlie this for you.

Why We Love Charlie Sheen

  • He is Charlie Sheen
  • He is unapologetic
  • He has always been Charlie Sheen, and in the words of Howard Stern, "When you marry Charlie Sheen, you should know that you're going to get Charlie Sheen."
  • He is funny
  • He is witty
  • Although his delivery is "off", his message is not all wrong, in fact, I find myself agreeing with him more and more.
  • We love bad boys...especially when they're WINNING!
  • Many of us can relate. We see a part of ourselves in him, we are silently cheering him on for being able to tell "The Man" to "Go F himself" just like Charlie has to his boss, Chuck Lorre, the creator of the show. We wish we had the courage to stand up for ourselves the way he has in these past few days.
  • We all like a good train wreck and he's a train wreck that won't stop WINNING
  • He is successful. He has accomplished more than most of us could ever hope to accomplish in four lifetimes and that makes us believe in him a bit more
  • Did I mention that he is really funny?
  • Did I mention that he is a train wreck?
  • We are sick of the media, we are sick of the pseudo experts who chime in and give their opinions on something they know nothing about as they are not treating Charlie Sheen
  • Nostalgia. We've loved Charlie Sheen for decades

Mostly, we are OK with Charlie Sheen because of the way he has managed this excessively public meltdown. His candor, his transparency, his willingness to open his doors and take us inside his twisted home. We love that he has not backed down, we love that he has come out swinging and we love the raw emotion; that he is vulnerable, angry and real. And, maybe most of all, we can't help but feel a tinge "normal" in comparison. Charlie Sheen has helped us feel better about "Sitting in the smallest chair in our tiny homes"..."With our fat wives and ugly children."

We realize we don't want to be Charlie Sheen. We are relieved that he is he and we are here, at home, safely watching the unraveling of a man from our Pottery Barn couches.

I believe Charlie will be just fine. I've known a few highly successful addicts and the ONE thing we forget, or don't know, about this highly successful people is that, many of them, can do anything. As Charlie Sheen says, it's in their DNA, and I believe that (to an extent). I had a friend who was a raging alcoholic and drug addict for many years (he was also a highly successful person). I always believed my friend would die. A lot of the insane, witty and ridiculous comments spewing from Sheen's lips, feel all too familiar to me.

When my friend turned to sobriety, I never thought he would be able to do it. He did it, and seemingly with ease. I recall his 1st anniversary of sobriety and I said to him, "I don't know why I thought you'd fail, you can do anything else, why should this be any different." How did he do it you ask? He has Tiger Blood and Adonis DNA...and, he has one speed - GO! Oh, and rehab helped too.

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