Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: I Want to Shop....What Should I Buy?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Want to Shop....What Should I Buy?

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I went shopping today and I need to make some decisions

Each Spring (btw, I can never remember is spring is capitalized or not) I do some pre-shopping. I walk around and take a look at the stores I like (and can afford) and make a mental note of the fashions that I really want. I then go home and take everything out of closets, boxes, storage, etc. and put it all out. Lay everything on the bed, color coordinate everything, match them with shoes and determine what I need.

Because I am self-employed, and I sit around a lot starring at a computer screen, I need a lot of comfortable clothes. And because I am a lover of sophistication and elegance, I need items that are stylish and beautiful. Finally, because I visit Vegas often, I need some slutty clothes too. Throw in shoes and accessories and Imma broke.

So here is what I've done....I've put together a whole bunch of cute stuff in this blog post. Some are links to the advertisers where I may get a commission if you make a purchase.

Let's start with luxury...
I have been a big fan of Wolford Legwear for years! I have many pair of tights and a few of the Wolford Stringbody pieces, their bodysuits. I thought this bodysuit would be a perfect for spring/summer, a versatile piece I can wear to work or out.

Cape Town String Body

Cape Town String Body

Next up Agent Provocateur beautiful, stylish and feminine lingerie, accessories and swimwear. I know I am not buying any lingerie this year (no budget and no point) but I like to visit the store anyway. Lately, I have been purchasing more jewelry than lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

I put this in here because I own this ring (and the matching whistle necklace)
and love it so much!

Staying on the jewelry theme, here is this adorable necklace I found today. I liked it because it has a Lotus charm and business is called Lotus Marketing Services. I found the necklace while I was looking for something else, it is from a site I had never heard of, but they have adorable charm necklaces and semi precious stoned jewelry.

I also looked around for Tshirts, jeans and dresses. Didn't find anything that stood out. But this Michael Stars Pocket Tee Dress is the type of look that I am looking for...something comfy yet sexy.

Michael Stars Dolman Sleeve Pocket Tee Dress

That is what I do...write about stuff I want on a Saturday night. Exciting times!!

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