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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It is SUMMERTIME in Chicago...You Know It!

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Chicago waits in eager anticipation for summer, and my friends, I believe we've finally made it.

How I know summer is here??

I had a 9A meeting this morning with a friend/colleague and we sat outside at Starbucks (I was not cold). In our meeting a lovely butterfly landed on his hand and just chilled for a while.

After my meeting, I had to send out a deck for a LARGE SCALE EVENT I am working on for September of '11. Much like the incredible event I produced last summer, but this time, it will be exponentially better. Check out @DTDash

Around 3PM, a client called. He and his wife (My BFF) were having lunch at Big Bowl (just down the street). I met them to discuss their upcoming Boxing Event at the UIC Pavilion.(Discounted tickets for my blog readers!) After lunch, we headed for some ice cream with their son.

I left Dom and Tina after our much deserved ice cream break and headed back to work for an hour or so - cleaning out my inbox and dealing with some lawyering stuff. Good times.

Around 5:45p, I was ready to call it quits. I had to make a pit stop for a bit of shopping. I am a woman after all, and I need a swimsuit for Vegas in two weeks. I really liked this one. Modest (for someone who has put on a few lbs), yet sexy.

Tankini-Modest Swimwear-Cadette-Luxe by Lisa Vogel

Next, I joined the rest of Chicago on the lake front path for a run. I was pleased to find that most everyone on the lake path was struggling and in crappy shape (like me). Also, everyone was very pale (I'm SO going tanning this weekend).

As my run was coming to a close and I was heading home to the Oak Street underpass, I noticed some kids. They had set up a make-shift tight rope and were taking turns walking on the tight rope. THIS is what summer in Chicago is about!

By Popular Demand....

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Unknown said...

I love summer in Chicago...and, BTW, that swimsuit would look awesome on you!! xo