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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Saga Continues

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I've really enjoyed my trip down memory lane - opening up my journal from 1995 and writing about my depression and angst. So...I will continue.

Dear readers, the past few posts have been excerpts from a journal I kept the year after I graduated from college - these ARE NOT my current thoughts or feelings. Although I empathize with anyone who has experienced (or is experiencing) these feelings, I am not currently depressed, sad or lonely. But, I thank you for your tweets and comments of concern.

Last we left off, I was on August 15th, 1995 I think I will thumb through a few pages. The depression of yesteryear is, quite frankly, depressing me. I want to get to the backpacking trip. I have listed below all of the items that were in my journal in preparation for this trip.

My Passport Photo from 1995

My passport picture

The Plan

(On the top of the page, it reads: May God and All That Is Mighty Give Me the Strength!!!)
  • Friday, August 18 - Carbondale
  • Friday, August 15 - 18 days 'til dooms day
  • Friday, September 1 - Put in notice
  • Monday, September 4 - Absolute last day to give notice
  • Friday, September 8 - Austin, Texas
  • Friday, September 15 - Get paid
  • Monday, September 18 - ***Last Day***
  • Friday, September 22 - ****Absolute Last Day Of Work****
  • Monday, September 25 - Day of Departure!

My Budget - might actually make you smile

    Housing - $775.00 ($25 x 31 days) Eurail Pass - $500.00 (15 day pass) Food - $300.00 ($10 a day) Museums - $200.00 Miscellaneous - $500.00 (transportation, souvenirs, medication) Entertainment - $500.00
    TOTAL $2,775.00

I also had a list of Pre-Expenses, now these are really, really funny!

    Swiss Army Knife - $20.00 Backback - $200.00 Shoes - $100.00 Small Backpack - $100.00 Film - $50.00 Books - $20.00 Journal - $10.00 Vitamins and Energy Pills - $20.00 Money Belt - $200.00
    TOTAL $460.00

Notes for packing. What does a 23 year old girl pack in 1995 when she is about to embark on a 3 month trip (alone) to Europe.

  • Film / Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Nail polish
  • Safety pins
  • Swiss Army knife
  • Travel tooth brush
(Why was I so obsessed with this Swiss Army knife?)

And what about clothes?? You might be surprised, I pack light.

    1 Sweater 1 Pair of jeans 1 B.R. Pant (what is this??) 1 Longsleeved shirt 2 Short sleeved shirts 1 Skirt or Dress 1 Pair of tights 1 Legging (oh look, they were in style back then too) 1 Khaki shorts (Really?) 2 Bras 3 Pairs of Socks 4 Pairs of underwear
I ended up staying in Europe for about three months - all by myself. The rest of my journal is filled with stories about my adventures all around Europe. I look forward to reading those and sharing them here too.

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    Anonymous said...

    pretty cool going to eur alone. very adventurous! can i come with next time :)

    Unknown said...

    I love this. I wish I had kept some sort of journal when I was in college. I wrote poetry back then( hey it was the 70's....the love generation and we were all poets) and a lot of that poetry dealt with very deep feelings and angst...not too dissimilar to your journal...I wonder if it isn't (wasn't) uncommon for 20somethings to experience angst, depression, deep feelings etc as we entered adulthood and the "real" world. Thank you for sharing...xo

    Anonymous said...

    What a great resource!