Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: I Just Found The Google Wonder Wheel!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Just Found The Google Wonder Wheel!

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Google Wonder Wheel
Last week I was looking for some free keyword tools, so I sent out a tweet to a few of my most trusted SEO/web marketing friends (@jasonrubacky @SeanMcGinnis @AirDisa and @Daver). I received several answers, below is a short list, but my new favorite is GOOGLE WONDER WHEEL!  Just to give credit where credit is due, @AirDisa suggested the Wonder Wheel.

Short list of free keyword tools that were recommended to me:
*I believe the last three are paid (not free) tools.

Google Wonder Wheel and a Vanity Search
If you don't already know, I search myself non-stop online, in fact, I believe I invented the Vanity Search. Several years back, when I was the only Leyla Arsan on the internet, I would search myself often to see if anything new popped up. Then a new Leyla Arsan showed up on Google and punted me back several pages (you can read more about that here - The Least Exciting Leyla Arsan on the Net).

To add to the Vanity Search fun, I decided to try out the Wonder Wheel using my own name. I quickly become involved, spinning and spinning that wheel.  

Here is how it is done....
  1. Type in a search term in Google
  2. Hit "search"
  3. Look on the left hand column 
  4. You will see "More search tools" on the bottom of the left hand column
  5. Click on "More search tools"
  6. And if you read down the list, you will see WONDER WHEEL - click it
  7. Next, you can click on the arms of the octopus looking diagram and more suggestions come up

My Google Vanity Search Results
I started with my first and last name, hit search and then clicked on wonder wheel.  I clicked on Leyla Arsan Popular, and kept clicking until I got.... Leyla Arsan WORST.  But my favorite was "Leyla Arsan Dangerous" - I did not get that far, but I wonder what would have happened if I clicked on that.   Google Wonder Wheel is great fun.  I hope you enjoy!

Leyla Arsan - Google Wonder Wheel

Leyla Arsan - Popular

Leyla Arsan - Worst

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    Stacy G said...

    That was odd but fun!

    leyla said...

    I agree. Now I want to try it with "Howard Stern" and see what happens!