Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: July 2011

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday Night Time Killing

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Another Unapologetic, Scattered, Meaningless Blog Post - For Your Reading Pleasure.

@Tankboy made a musical recommendation this evening and I am quite pleased. I am currently listening to Naked & Famous – Passive Me, Aggressive You, as I sit outside, in the sidewalk cafe of a closed Starbucks typing this.  I was immediately taken by the title of the album and because @Tankboy said something about my “Inner 80s electronica…” and really, is there anything other than my inner 80s electronica?  No.  What’s even funnier is the song, “Punching and Dreaming” that actually happened to me once.

#NerdBar – it’s been a long dream of mine. A bar where we just stay up all night drinking wine and dicking around on our computers.  We don’t talk to one another and no music plays because we all have our headphones on.  We still tweet, IM and email with one another – like all perfectly normal people do. is the easiest URL to drive traffic to. Catchy URLs win all day long.  I just leave a blog comment (almost anywhere) and boom, 100 hits that day.  I’m just too lazy to leave blog comments.  Well, not lazy, I just don’t really care, or have a reason to. Or, I’m too busy doing other things like writing this blog post.

I’m messing around in my Google analytics and what do I see? In-page analytics. Kinda cool for a minute but I see it mostly as a gimmick. I know where you’re clicking by looking at the numbers, I don’t need pictures, I am not 8 and this isn’t color by numbers. 

Oh, I guess I still need to check out this Lion thing they all keep talking about.  This OS X Lion For the Mac..  Perhaps @dupreeblue can tell me what it is?

iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

My musical taste is random. – and I will be the first to admit, not always good random. I mean, I am a Toby Keith fan and I am listening to "Young Blood" by Naked and Famous". I’m looking at my "Genius” area in iTunes (because I am mostly procrastinating) and I see: “Tanto Tempo” by Bebel Gilberto, “Cry for You” by September, “I Predict a Riot” Kaiser Chiefs, “Paper Planes” by M.I.A., “Gold Digger” by Kanye, “That’s Entertainment” by The Jam, “Time to Pretend” by MGMT and “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire.  I don’t have a Toby Keith genius.  – ha ha, I just said “Toby Keith” and “genius” in the same sentence.  

My, everyone that walks out of Ditka’s is really fat and driving a big car. I never really noticed before, but then again, I don’t always sit outside Ditka’s for two hours.

OK, for realz tho, I need to send an email to all those who are attending the social media scavenger hunt breakfast tomorrow morning.  Guten nacht – as my dad would say. (Before I get all my stuff jacked out here by those teen flash mobs).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Leyla C. Arsan - Member Since 1995

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American Express I rarely leave home with out it.

I was chatting with American Express on Twitter earlier today and started thinking about how much I love my Amex. It also got me thinking about when I opened my American Express card sixteen years ago.

I just graduated from college and I was planning a three month, backpacking trip across Europe. I was well prepared, I saved money for months, I read many travel guides, I mapped my trip to over 13 cities, purchased my "gear" and I studied currency rates, exchange rates and the best place and ways to exchange money, I was ready.

The big difference between today and 1995 is technology. Back then, we didn't use cell phones or email regularly. We had them but they were not integrated into our daily lives as they are today.  We also did not go to an ATM any where in the world, put in our debit card and withdraw money, we traveled with cash, credit cards and travelers checks.

I learned from my research that my best options for exchanging money were Thomas Cook and American Express - at that time.  The upside to having an American Express card was the American Express offices all over the world (and in every city I was traveling). If my memory serves me correctly, I could cash my American Express travelers checks for for free and that they also offered the best exchange rates, or at least according to the travel books I was reading at the time.

The part that really sold me was, if you were a card member, you could have items shipped to you at the American Express travel offices and they would hold the packages for card members. This was appealing because I was going to be away for three months, alone and without knowing where I was staying, it was a reassuring feeling to have an address to give my family in case I wanted something shipped to me.

In any case, that is where it started.  When I finally found myself abroad, I found the American Express offices a welcoming place when I was away for so long.  Shortly after I returned, I was turned onto many of the other advantages of having an Amex (like my membership rewards) and I've been a pleased card member ever since.

Disclosure: I received nothing in return for writing this post.  I just really like American Express.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Liners - Just Catching You Up in 15-30 Second Snippets

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Because I am so busy, I want to catch up with one-liner snippets of my life and thoughts. Lucky you!

I am really busy this summer and that makes it REALLY hard for me to blog.  And, of all the things I do in my life, my work life, I enjoy sharing my personal life the most; therefore it is sad that I don't get the chance to do it more often.


Here we go...
I cracked my Google Nexus S phone screen
I am pathetic person. I wake up in the morning and I grab the phone. Normally, it takes me 15-30 minutes to wake up, and as that is happening, I read my social sites and posts. I then get up, head to the bathroom and as I brush my teeth, I keep my twitter stream going so I can read tweets & the news while I brush my teeth.  If my phone were water proof, I would take it in the shower. I have answered calls from the shower and thought it was perfectly acceptable. I figured the client/friend/vendor would see how serious I am about my work if I was willing to speak to them while I was in the shower. It is crazy, I see this. I just don't care, I like being connected.

A few weeks back, I reached for the phone and it smashed on my marble floor (like it had so many times before) but this time the screen shattered. Previous to my phone cracking, I always thought people with cracked screens were so ghetto - now that I've joined them, I don't feel that way anymore.

Black foot tribe
Recently, I was in Vegas with Katie and Greg Sweet. As we were walking through the mall at Caesar's, Greg points out a girl and says, "black foot tribe".  I was confused.  They then explained to me that the black foot tribe was what they called the women who take off their shoes in the casinos and walk through with BARE FEET.  (Gross!)  Get it, BLACK FOOT TRIBE.

OLD California photos

My big event for September
I promised not to talk about work-related stuff here, on my PERSONAL blog but it has consumed SO MUCH of my time that it is important I mention the "event".  If you want to know more about it, I can tell you this:

  • Super fun
  • Did it last year
  • You use social media
  • You run around
  • You win awesome prizes


If you want more info -- go to my WORK website and fill out the info / contact us page

I've been busy loving my life.
I am just really happy that it is summer and I try to spend as much time as I can outside!

My block

I visited with my friends kids and played Barbies with the four year old. 
My friends have four kids (fifth on the way), they live in the West Loop in a giant loft.  I was hanging out on their 1500 square foot deck and playing Barbies with their kids. 

Barbie is SO Inappropriate!

My friend Kerri left town and I had drinks with a group of girls to send her off. 
I love Kerri, she brought joy into my life and I was sad to see her go.  She was very genuine and cool.