Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Kim Kardashian's Wedding, Keeping Up With the Kardashian's

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kim Kardashian's Wedding, Keeping Up With the Kardashian's

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Kim Kardashian's wedding is occupying my brain space at this late hour.

It is after 2AM. I have not gone to bed yet, instead, I worked all night on my upcoming social media scavenger hunt in Chicago - aka @dtdash. Absolutely no relation to Dash - the store owned by the Kardashian sisters in Miami and New York. 

What brings me to this topic, The Kardashians, at an hour where I should be asleep? Well, first of all, the lovely Ms. Kim Kardashian was recently married and the news is all over the extravaganza.

But the main reason is, I wanted you to find this blog post as you search for photos of Kim Kardashian's wedding, and read about why I like the Kardashians. Even though all my friends on Twitter complain about how stupid The Kardashians are, and despite the fact that I am an intelligent person, I do enjoy the show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Reasons for liking the Kardashians:

  1. The Karashians are really funny. I watch the show when I happen to catch it, but when I do, I am generally surprised at how much they make me laugh. And I usually end up watching two or three episodes back to back. Khloe, or whatever the big Kardashian's name is, she is really the funny one. But she has to be funny, when you look like you ate one of your sisters, you better be really funny.  And she is.  In fact, regardless of the fact that she is giant (in comparison to the other siblings), Khloe is my favorite sister and the one I'd most likely hang with. 
  2. The Kardashians really like each other.  With the exception of the scary-fame-monster-mom Kris, the rest of the family genuinely seems like a loving unit. I have a special place in my heart for loving families, even if they are Reality TV families. I even like freaky, plastic surgery face Bruce Jenner.
  3. The Kardashians are great when you want to be brain dead.  I am self-employed, I own a small event and social media marketing company in Chicago, and I work a lot. When I am not working, I occupy my brain with two things: 1) Real News. Not the 10 O'Clock bull crap, but real news, like world news or The Economist. 2) Total Crap. I mean, total crap. When I am thinking, I need to be on point. When I am not thinking, I want to sit in front of the television and watch Hollywood sisters get Xrays of their butt so prove to the world they don't have butt-implants. It is the same reason I loved Jackass when it was on MTV, because it was frivolous.  I like to veg out to shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 
  4. Scott Disick. I love Scott Disick - let me tell you, the Walking Stick episode sealed the deal for me. I love Scott. That. Is. All. 

Unlike many others, I do believe the Kardashians deserve to be famous. That is my (now) 3:21AM revelation to you. I don't think most people realize how hard it is to be captivating, not everyone can do it. Try it, and see what happens, you'll probably be really boring. I mean, think about how many of you have an abandoned blog out there because no one read it. Yeah, you say you didn't have time, but if 1000s of people read it each month, you'd find the time. Now think about how stupid YOUR show would be if you had one. And with this new outlook, go watch an episode of the Kardashians and tell me that Khloe, trying to be sexy, in a leopard dress isn't entertaining. It is, it just is. 

In the words of some random person on Twitter -- "Haters are really admirers, who can't understand why everyone loves you." Don't be a Kardashian hater. 

And please know that, as you're reading this (I scheduled it to go out around your lunch time), I will be dying 100,000 deaths -  as I am living off 3 hours of sleep.  

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Gina Lolita Bangser said...

I really love this post & relate to so many things you mentioned....and I giggled in excitement at the layout, I love a progressive explanation. Your points prove well & I could not agree more. Kudos for speaking up!!

leyla said...

Thank you Gina!!

Anonymous said...

Very similar, self employed work over the clock hours when free time either catch up on news or brain dead comedy !!

You look like Kim :)

leyla said...

Thank you for the compliment... I think I look more like Khloe!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog

Jeff said...

Even though these are "reality shows," they have writers, directors, and producers that want to make the best 22 minutes of television possible.

It's all slickly edited so I can't really say that I can take anything at face value when it comes to reality tv.

Another thing is that Murray-Bunim (creators of Real World) as well as Ryan Seacrest (who has a big stake in the Kardashians and with E) are behind it.

It's as real as a show with SAG actors.

leyla said...

That's fine. I still like the show. It is funny.

And, don't even TRY to tell me that Khloe isn't funny. Because she is funny.

Nicole Yeary said...

I definitely agree with you - I DVR two shows: Real Housewives & Kardashians

- Agree with all the above, and Scott-- well, his prank on Chris was great. The are all pretty smart cats... a little crazy too ~ but who isn't?

Kim's a web-preneur with an awesome premium monetization model with She's famous and making money because she is smart and alluring ~

(ps. your comment link is like an easter egg hunt!)

Vince Mease said...

Meh... We killed our kings and queens long ago but ended up with a new American aristocracy along the way. Handled, managed, scripted, boring and un-real.

leyla said...

@nicole - you ain't lying!
I hate the comment area on this blog. It is a blogger thing. I have not spent time looking to see if there is a different option.

I get tired of fixing my blogs. And because this is just my fun blog, I really don't want to put time into it!