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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Things I Remember From 20+ Years Ago

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Yesterday I wrote my blog post on Ryan and The Smashing Pumpkins. I'm going to keep the teen-dream alive.

I sent Ryan a text asking him what else I should post about, he gave me a few ideas, but said, "just write random stuff, you'll remember things I can't." I decided bullet pointing highlights would be best.  I will leave out how we broke up, because that is a story all on its own.

Here are just some bits and pieces from "My John Hughes Life" (which was the name of my former blog).

How I Met Ryan
  • I always had a big crush on Ryan, in my mind's eye, I can still see him walking through the cafeteria at Niles West wearing his Vision Street Wear Tshirt with his long, blonde hair
  • My sophomore year, Ryan was dating Kim R. (though he will tell you he wasn't)
  • A bunch of us kids were at the beach in Evanston drinking on the rocks - there were dozens of us
  • I was 16, intoxicated, and I had just thrown up in a dumpster behind the gas station when Ryan and Kim pulled up  
  • I saw him and walked over to the drivers side window, spoke to Ryan for a few minutes, and then stuck my head in the car and made out with Ryan - while Kim was sitting in the passenger seat
  • Ryan kissed me back, puke breath and all, we started dating shortly thereafter
  • I could also be making this story up, but I know for certain that I threw up in a dumpster that night from drinking too much vodka

"Partying" with The Vandals 
  • One summer we all went to see The Vandals
  • All of Ryan's friends were out of their minds with excitement, I was clueless
  • After the show, we hung out back by the tour busses (probably tour van) hoping to meet The Vandals, I just stood there
  • We met them and then ended up inviting them back to Ryan's friend Batman's apartment (Batman was his nickname, I'm guessing because he always wore the 18 hole, blue, lace-up doc martens)
  • The Vandals were straight edge, so when I say "Partying", I really mean we just ate Doritos and drank pop in Batman's basement apartment with The Vandals
  • I missed my curfew that night and my dad almost killed Ryan

Speaking of my Dad
  • When I met Ryan, he had shoulder length, silver hair - he would bleach the color out of his hair and put old-lady blue dye in it to get it silver
  • The first time I brought Ryan home to meet my parents, Ryan was wearing ripped jeans
  • My dad gave him the "once-over" and asked, "Are you poor?"  
  • Confused, Ryan answered, "No."
  • My dad replied, "Then where are the rest of your pants?" 
  • I was mortified

Ryan Likes Cars.... Leyla Does Not
  • When I met Ryan, he drove a silver Nissan 
  • I think in 2 years he had 3 or 4 cars
  • Ryan drove like a maniac and it would make me mental
  • We were coming back from the auto show, I'm sure Ryan was fired up from looking at cars
  • He was driving so fast on Lake Shore Drive, in order to avoid a serious collision, he had to drive between two cars - it was a tight squeeze
  • How we made it out alive, no clue

Ryan's Best Friend Hated Me (all of his friends hated me)
  • Ryan's best friend Chris, who is a girl, hated me and the feeling was mutual
  • Chris was dating a guy named Ryan (I think) who worked at 99th Floor on Halsted
  • Chris's boyfriend was the jealous type and a big a-hole
  • I decided I was mad at Chris for something, so I picked up the phone and I called her boyfriend at work
  • I then told him, to "Keep his girlfriend away from my boyfriend" insinuating that there was something going on, but knowing full well there was not
  • That following Saturday night, at Medusa's, Chris walks up to me on the dance floor and punches me
  • I had it coming, but if I could go back in time, I'd do it all over again

The Beach!!!
  • Most of my memories of Ryan are from summer, but we lived in Chicago
  • Dempster Beach and drinking on the rocks
  • Lighthouse Beach and drinking on the rocks
  • Ryan and his friends setting skating on the platform between Oak Street Beach and North Avenue beach (where everyone now roller blades)

  • Probably '88 or '89 GWAR played at The Cubby Bear
  • No one really knew anything about this band, or what to expect, but all of Ryan's friends wanted to go
  • (Let's keep one thing in perspective here, I was a Duran Duran, Cure and Depeche Mode fan, which made girls like me fodder for the likes of GWAR fans)
  • I recall a plastic head spinning from the ceiling of The Cubby Bear and fake blood shooting through the audience, and machetes, and machine guns, and masks, it was outrageous
  • That night, even the skin heads were not too keen on approaching the stage
  • We saw GWAR the following summer when the returned to Chicago

Tom's Place, Cheese Fries, The Nissan and Some, Poor, Unlucky Bastard
  • In '89, we had "Off Campus" at our high school, which meant, if you had a car, you could go off campus for lunch
  • Ryan, Jenny, Mike, Greg and I would eat lunch together most days
  • Tom's Place, was a greek diner a few blocks from school, this was our lunch place of choice
  • We were kids, so we ordered burgers and cheese fries
  • At the end of each meal, we would all take our leftover cheese fries and put them into one container
  • We would then top those leftover cheese fries with a ton of ketchup
  • Next, we would pile into Ryan's car and drive REALLY, REALLY FAST
  • One person (we'd all take turns, as this was a great honor), would have the cheese fries in one hand and lean as far out the car window as possible
  • Then we would whip the ketchup-y cheese fries onto some poor, unlucky bastard's car
  • Cheese fries and ketchup all over the car parked in front of their little, suburban home
  • It was great fun, we loved Tom's Place

Marlboro Reds and Roses
  • Ryan graduated in '88 and I graduated in '90
  • Ryan went to community college while I was still in high school
  • He would often drive to my high school, pick me up and take me to lunch
  • Each time he picked me up for lunch, he brought me a rose and a pack of Marlboro reds (the brand I smoked in high school) from the 7-11 down the street
  • That 7-11 rose and pack of cigarettes always put a smile on my face, in fact, I still think its sweet (but I no longer smoke)

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