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Monday, October 3, 2011

Catch Me If You Can

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Traveling With Me is Not For The Weak!

I am not what most would consider a pleasure to travel with, particularly when it comes to international travel.  If you are traveling with me you must be prepared for the following:
  • Life
  • Death
  • Everything in Between
I will expect you to pack lightly, yet have a suitable attire for a cocktail party and a local dive bar. I will also expect that you sleep no more than four hours at night, move quickly, navigate maps, speak to locals about their favorite spots and take risks.  Risks such as... nerding it out with comic book store employees, getting into cars (or boats) with people you met only a few hours (or moments) ago, changing your travel itinerary in an instant, eating what is put in front of you, and simply going with the flow - whatever that may be.  

When you travel with is ALL about where the day takes you.  Oh, not to worry too much, I always bring handy wipes. 

Here is a snapshot of the past ten days I spent in Istanbul. 

Grocer forgotten


almondlover said...

I wasn't aware that there is any other way to travel. Except for the handy wipes your travel style sounds very normal to me.
I haven't been in Istanbul for some years and it looks a lot cleaner in your photographs now than when I was there.

leyla said...

Cleaner? Eh... I would say the photos are accurate but I did not think it was any cleaner than the past (been there a bunch of times).

Philip Lackmaker said...

Maybe everything looks cleaner in photographs. When I say I haven't been there fore some time, I think the last time was probably before you were born. It may have changed since then!

Julia said...

We've just got back from a few heavily-packed days in Istanbul. Love your photos. Really bright and colourful.