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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tag Cloud of My Brain

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What Goes On Inside Leyla A's Brain?
Take a Look Inside

Earlier tonight, I started thinking... What if I created a tag cloud of my brain! Immediately, I started to think of phrases that would fit. And then when I sat down to make this image (which took me WAY longer than I had anticipated), things changed a bit.

The Tag Cloud of My Brain

An explanation of my tag cloud:
  • Twitter and Facebook - both represent: work, friends and life in general. I spend so much time with both (clearly, one more more than the other, as one "tag" is bigger) that they are more of an all-compassing thing
  • Work - I work a lot, I just don't think about it as largely (why it is small yet frequent)
  • Goat King - He has become an omnipresent in my life, I don't think I communicate with anyone as much as I do with Goat King. 
  • 40! - I turn 40 in a few months
  • YSL Tribute Shoe - I love shoes... especially big, platform-y ones. 
  • King of Queens - I watch it religiously (every night)
  • Bad Client - If you know me, you know who I mean (but we've all had them)
  • Bourbon - I am a bourbon drinker
  • Dad - I love my dad
  • Lettuce Marketing - my company is called Lotus Marketing but my dad mocks it and calls it "Lettuce" - sometimes he leaves me voice mails trying to order a salad. 
  • Diablo Guapo - A long-time friend, his representation on the tag cloud is probably inaccurate in relation to the actual brain space he occupies, but because he's always around, sometimes one takes for granted and neglects to make mention. This is why he doesn't appear in the tag cloud of my brain larger or more frequently. 
  • Food & Wine - I like to eat (and drink)!
  • My hair - I have good hair, it is soft and pretty and I like to play with it
  • Travel - I've been traveling since I was 9 months old, been around the world and I have no immediate plans to stop
  • That Guy Who Unfollowed Me - those "guys" are always out there... and, yes, I have a hard time letting go sometimes. 
  • Ca$h Money - I like cash money, I like to get paid

There are other things that didn't make the tag cloud of my brain - like love, happiness, my mom, my brothers, friends, shopping, fashion, clothes, aesthetics, pop culture, etc.  They exist, but one only has so much free time, readily available images and concentration at their disposal.  Perhaps I will give this another go in the near future. 


GoatKING said...


Jan said...


I love it! A new application of the infographic! It makes me want to do one too.


leyla said...

Thank you Jan! You should soooo do one!

Anonymous said...

I hope you do find time for happiness. You're a neato, complicated, sometimes frustrating person, but much loved. abhs

leyla said...

Thank you Anonymous.... I find plenty of time for happiness, I'm happy most all of the time. I love working, I love Twitter, I love to travel, I love my family and friends... AND, I LOVE CASH MONEY -- these are all thing represented in my "brain cloud".

reddsmitty said...

This is why I love you, Leyla. Our brains think so much alike. Though I prefer Laboutins to your YSLs and Vodka to your Bourbon :-) XOXO!

Unknown said...

This is so amazing...thanks for sharing a peek into your fun! And the little explanations to make the peek even clearer....your brain is an interesting place to visit! ;-). Very clever Leyla!!