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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Help Needed With an Important Decision!

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Help Me Make a Very Important (shopping) Decision! 

I have been looking for that perfect "look" to wear a corset and I believe I finally found it. You're probably wondering, "Who wears a corset?" And you may be justified in asking such a question. Maybe I am channeling my inner-goth, but I am a fan of corsets, when worn tastefully. Think back to the 90s, Madonna in her Gaultier phase. I'd like your opinion, let me know which CORSET you like best by commenting below.

Here is the look I am trying to create

Notice the lace corset worn under her jacket in the photo above. I think the best way to wear a corset is under a jacket with a pair of high waisted, skinny leg pants, or jeans, and a stiletto heel. (P.S. don't mind the face or hair on the model, imagine something less hideous)

Here are my choices for corsets
The first is a " Classic Corset " by Agent Provocateur. Don't think of the straps (they are removable), or the stockings, it will be worn JUST like the photo above, under a jacket with pants. Maybe a pencil skirt, but a long pencil skirt, past my knee.

Classic Corset (Black, size 3)

The second corset, below, is also from Agent Provocateur, it is the Ellisa Corset in black and pink. I realize that this corset more closely resembles the lace corset on the model above, but try to use your imagination and envision BOTH corsets under a pant suit before making your decision. And, please don't say, "I like the first one because the model is hotter". Look at the corset as a top, avoiding the distractions of stockings and pouty faces on the models. I don't make pouty faces, I make angry faces.

Ellisa Corset (Black/Pink, size 3)

A final vision to leave you with 
To avoid any/all visions that anyone may have of ME in any of these provocative poses, wearing these items, I've left you with these final photos to cleanse any naughty thoughts.  LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW. 

Me, with my head wrapped in a scarf (think of me wearing a hijab).  

Me, in a fake moustache (think of me as the singer Yanni). 

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