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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Only 5 Days in and Only 90 Days Remain!

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Only 5 Days in and Only 90 Days Remain

Only 5 days in and only 90 days remain -- what exactly am I talking about? Well, we are 5 days into 2012 AND only 90 days remain until my BIRTHDAY!

Let's ponder this thought for a moment...

Black and White Leyla

Because I am not entirely sure yet what I am doing for my birthday, I cannot disclose information that is not yet available to me; instead, let's take a look at how I've spent the first few days of 2012. We shall do this through a photo tour (because I do not have much to write).

Even though it was technically 2011, I guess we should start with New Year's Eve. Although my dress makes me look very fancy, it really wasn't that fancy of a night, I needed an excuse to wear my new, black, lace dress - thanks to @nduhoski for the inspiration from her Pinterest . My hair looks fancy too, but I don't think it was that fancy, I sometimes wear it like this to bed. (P.S. this dress is really amazing, I wish you could see the detail on the lace better.) 

New Year's Eve 2012

Then there was New Year's Day, where not much of anything happend, but I did walk around the neighborhood a bit. 

Hermes in Chicago on Oak Street

When everyone else had the day off on January 2nd, I went into the office and got things organized. 2012 is off to a clean start! If all goes well, in approximately 90 days, I will be in Argentina for my 40th  birthday. 

Organized my Desk!

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Anonymous said...

HI leyla, question for you. As someone who is self employed, how do you find the right office space for you and live near it at same time? how do you decide if to get an office space and not just home office. thanks.

leyla said...

Well... I would strongly recommend NOT spending money on office space if you don't have to. I am fortunate because my dad has extra office space and I share his space.

My apartment was too small, I was going stir crazy, so I needed a place to keep files, etc. Otherwise, I'd use a Starbucks OR one of those shared spaces.

Anonymous said...

Cant take my desktop to starbucks and Im going sir crazy in apt too... Thanks for your feedback!