Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: February 2012

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 Things in My Head RIGHT NOW - @BusinessWire, @NokiaUSA, @BSJ1

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My head is LOADED with stuff!

But I am only going to share the 3 things that pop into my head the fastest (starting with the thoughts that I saved as notes in my phone) - Business Wire Tweet, Google Adwords and T-mobile.  Enjoy the ride through my head.

3. Funny tweet from @BusinessWire the other day. 
Thank you to Business Wire for totally making me do a double, and then a triple take, and then save a screen-shot of your tweet, and then follow you, and then include you in my blog post.  This, my friends, is what I like to call creative engagement with your customer base. Or in my case, potential customer base... one day... maybe.

Who knew a Berkshire Hathaway Company could be so funny. Bravo, Business Wire... B-to-the-R-to-the-AVO.

2. And on that note, let's move onto a #FAIL. 
Following the big success of Business Wire, comes the digital advertising failure of Blue Star Jets. Well, actually, it is whoever is running their PPC campaign that deserves the prize of being the #2 most useless thing on my brain this week.  

In case you cannot figure out the screen grab below, it is my email, and that is a Google ad for private jets. Why would anyone advertise luxury, private jet charters on GOOGLE ADWORDS?  And why would anyone write the call to action ---> Call for TODAY'S Only Specials for luxury jet charters? It's not clam chowder, you're advertising $1550 an hour prices. And, I am not calling because I am online, how about, CLICK for Today's Only Specials, if you are hell bent on advertising a "special" for luxury jet charters. 

What keywords were they targeting that made this ad pop up? This ad should never land on my email because I am not their demo. If I were running an ad for Blue Star Jets, I would go through and handpick sites that specifically target, and match, their demo. I would ONLY place ads on those few, select, sites. You can do it with Adwords (not all sites are available, you have to check) - it is far more time consuming, but the advertiser may actually see a return on their investment. 

This is either the case of someone electing to run their ads in-house or outsourcing it to India - both can be equally bad, both can be good. I learned the hard way too, through trial and error, and I'm not an expert in pay per click ads (I'm an intermediate level student). But, maybe I'm wrong, maybe 100s of people jumped off their email and called for the special of the day at Blue Star Luxury Jet rental. Free bowl of soup with any transatlantic luxury charter. 

1. I said farewell to T-mobile after 10+ years. 
It was tremendously heartbreaking and I'm 100% serious, I was so sad to say good-bye to T-mobile. I suck at letting go. As I was disconnecting from T-mobile, there was a lump in my throat, a tear in my eye and I had flashbacks of my cell phone past. 

My first Nokia smartphone, Nokia 7760. It was a powerful phone for 2004. I still have my original Nokia 7760 at home. I loved the articles about the Nokia 7760 and the Nokia 7610 (which is the phone shown below), it is worth a read from Engadget, October of '04

Previous to my big daddy Nokia, I had this little baby. My little, red, Nokia phone. My metallic red paint had chipped away, my antenna was gone, my numbers would barely dial, I sounded like I was under water all the time, but that little baby just kept on going.  It worked exceptionally well roaming in analog mode while traveling by train in Eastern Europe - other than that, you were screwed.

And on that note, I will leave you with ONE bonus thought on my head from this week! With all the hype surrounding the new Nokia, my brother and I proudly purchased some shares of NOK. Let's hope that new Windows phone does OK!