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Friday, March 23, 2012

SXSW 2012 - a Visual Diary of Austin

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SXSW '12 in Austin, Texas

Due to my work schedule, and the event we hosted, I did not have much time this year to do much else at SXSW. But, I was still able to take some pretty good photos. Here is a visual diary of my trip to SXSW in 2012 (my 2nd year).

Day 1. We arrived in Austin, but we were tired, and I still had a lot of client work to finish before we could head downtown to the show. It was my fault, I talked the whole plane ride down with some dude who builds large websites for B2B companies instead of working on the plane.

After about an hour, or so, we head to downtown Austin. We were informed that the line for badges was over 2 hours long, so we headed to lunch and then met colleagues a bar. 

And.... so it begins. The shots, that is. This round was courtesy of @diablo_guapo (who was only there in spirit), he asked me to purchase my co-workers and my dear friend @McLeger a round. 

Thank you @diablo_guapo for the BOURBON #sxsw

Still Day 1. After numerous cocktails, we decided to head down to get our badges. I found this photo opportunity impossible to pass up and @scottfmurphy was willing to assist. Check out my form!  

Headstand at SXSW

Day 2. Headed to convention center where I sought out the American Express booth so I could link my Twitter account with my American Express card. 1) They were giving away JayZ tickets, and 2) I wanted the deals. 

Later we saw this guy. How does one NOT photograph this guy?

totally normal at sxsw

Still Day 2. I saw several keynotes, Rainn Wilson was one of them. To be fair, in the shot below, he was really funny in this particular moment.  All the other moments - he was not funny at all.  He has a website where he has his high school English teacher write a column, he talked about it like it was the best thing since slided, white bread. I thought Rainn Wilson was as boring as sliced, white bread.  It made NO sense and I couldn't wait to exit, however, I was stuck in the second row.


Day 3. Finally made it over to the Google Village - here is a product demo in the Android House. I think this was for Google Play. I loved that Google didn't warn me about my App store turning into Google Play.

Android House at SXSW

Here was the more fun part of the Google Village - dudes on a bike, ride faster (FASTER!) and make a margarita.  It did get pretty intense.

Android House at SXSW

Still Day 3. This was my favorite part -- this is totally natural and not staged.  Two dudes preparing for their Start-up pitch. They high-fived and I caught it on film!

High Five!

Same place, still Day 3. At the bar at The Driskill hotel. Ran into some major hipsters (check out the beard on that one, I'd never kiss him, ever!) But they were good sports, they posed for my photo.  These guys were in for Music, I'm sure. 

I'm With the Band

Skipped back to Day 1.  Samsung blogger lounge.  It is what it is. 

Day 4. Our 24-hour consult-a-thon event took place at the Four Seasons Austin. An owl, or a hootsuite staff person stopped by with some swag for the start-ups we were meeting that day.

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard

This was my favorite floral display! A lovely, mixed media, floral arrangement that was front and center in the lobby of @FSAustin

SXSW Floral Arrangement at Four Seasons Austin

That is it folks!  I will soon be posting my work pics to the Zeno blog. Stay tuned. 

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