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Monday, July 2, 2012

I Love What Dom Perignon is Doing

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I Love What Dom Perignon is Doing

Not only with their product... but with their branding 

It started (for me) with the Andy Warhol collection, from there, it went to the Luminous collection, next I was introduced to Dark Revelation, the Dom Perignon Rose, and, of course, the David Lynch designed Dom Perignon labels

If you watch the Dom Perignon videos they've posted on their YouTube channel, you will see that not only do they take pride in the artful design of their bottles, but they also throw an amazing party. Last week, Dom Perignon and David Lynch hosted a party in Los Angeles where The Kills played. That doesn't sound terrible. 

Andy Warhol Collection
Red and Purple Label Dom Perignon

My favorite bottle is the LUMINOUS collection. It is battery operated so it glows. If you get lost in "da club", just let your the old monk show you the way. 

Cocktail Servers Light The Way

Although I love Rose Champagne, I have yet to try the Dom Perginon Rose. Look at this amazing bottle! How could the champagne not be even more delicious? Most certainly next on my list. 

Dom Perignon Rose

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