Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Lollapalooza Day 3 | Three Bands in 8 Hours - How I Managed to Miss Nearly Every Show

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lollapalooza Day 3 | Three Bands in 8 Hours - How I Managed to Miss Nearly Every Show

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Three Bands in 8 Hours

How I Managed to Miss Nearly Every Good Show at Lollapalooza

It is sort of amazing. I roamed around a music festival for 8 solid hours and managed to catch a total of three shows. Read here how I basically missed Lollapalooza while at Lollapalooza.

My Sunday Lollapalooza Timeline

1:30 PM  Arrival at Grant Park - enter through staff entrance
1:35 PM  Walk past food area and back towards the Uncorked Wine tent, locate Kids Tent and create my schedule for the day on my iPhone and Android Lollapalooza app. 
1:50 PM  Locate Sony DJ tent, enter and ask them about the lame scavenger hunt they had going on throughout the show. Talk to the staff about how the scavenger hunt was performing for the brand (the marketer in me) - answer, only about 15 people per day participated in the scavenger hunt. Take a few pics (I liked the set up), and head out. 
2:00 PM  Wander aimlessly because I was lost. Send a Groupme text to my friends in an effort to locate them and alert them that I am wandering aimlessly that I am lost. 
2:05 PM  Ask some random 15 year old if he can point me towards the Playstation tent.
2:10 PM Arrive at the Playstation tent and stand in a line without knowing why. 
2:15 PM Receive a card to play a game - instructions were poor, but I had to swipe the card to register and then walk around this tiny, crowded tent and swipe it four more times to register the card. The tent was cool and I was interested in the experience and how they were executing the experience.  Took some pics of nerdy kids playing video games. 
2:45 PM  Wander back towards the area from which I entered and find a shady spot to text my friends again. 
2:55 PM  Mike and Mitzi spot me - even though I am basically hidden behind a tree, it was sort of a miracle. We chat about our schedules and I inform them of the Playstation tent and explain how to win the prize. 
3:00 PM  I receive a text message from Lisa and Mary (who were working at the food tents) and I head over to their area.  We speak for a bit and confirm that we'll meet up as soon as they finish their shift.
3:10 PM  Grab some fries from @MikeTheBig1 
3:20 PM  Use the staff port-a-potty behind the food court area
3:30 PM  Head to Uncorked tent and purchase a bottle of wine served to me in a big water bottle (it was $25, who wouldn't?)
3:35 PM  Head over to the Kidzapalooza tent to grab a spot for the special guest who was supposed to be Perry Farrell

3:40 to 5:00 PM  Sit around the Kidzapalooza tent and watch the tail end of Peter DiStefano & Tor and then first portion of Dan Zanes. Realized fairly early on that Perry Farrell was not coming, but continued to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the Kidzapalooza tent while sipping my chilled Malbec from a plastic bottle.

5:00 PM  Wander aimlessly and somehow I completely missed Big Gigantic, walked over to Google Play stage to miss The Gaslight Anthem, and was thoroughly annoyed by the people there to see Of Monsters and Men and removed myself to avoid a disaster.
5:30 PM  I take a breather away from the crowds and meditate for a while - I'm only 1/2 kidding.
6:00 PM  Get a text from Lisa who is at the Bud Light stage waiting for Florence + The Machine. I agree to meet her at the Bud Light stage and slowly (reluctantly) make my way over to the Bud Light stage.  
6:15 PM  I am lost, once again. Lisa finds me, because I am completely incapable of finding anyone. We walk over to meet up with Lisa's friends where I photograph some more people including a really nice family from Manchester who happened to be visiting family in Lombard and heard about Lollapalooza and purchased a 3-day pass. I mean, they're from Manchester, music is in their blood.
6:50 PM  I cannot take another minute of Florence + The Machine and eject myself from the Bud Light Stage. 
6:55 PM  Arrive at staff port-a-potty area for a quick pee and to charge my phone before heading over to see Miike Snow
7:00 to 8:00 PM Another hour completely lost.

Hmmm... I Wonder How I Missed the Music? 

8:00 PM  Realize that we've missed Miike Snow and that we're actually going to be late for Jack White. Head over to Red Bull Soundstage.
8:15 PM  Walk to the front of the stage and catch 1/2 of Jack White
8:45 PM  Get to Perry's Stage for Kaskade and close out Lollapalooza with the highlight of my weekend.  Kaskade was incredible!

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