Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: How Many Days Until Your Romantic Holiday? #IgniteTheSpark

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How Many Days Until Your Romantic Holiday? #IgniteTheSpark

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How Many Days Until Your Romantic Holiday?

This nifty Facebook app will help you count down your days! 

The Spark - Countdown to Romance is a Facebook app where you can choose to build a trip with a Facebook friend (part of a larger client campaign - Ignite The Spark). The countdown will send you specific reminders on Facebook leading up to your vacation. Each reminder is based on the activities you check off when building the countdown with your mate.

This is My Favorite Part - It Ticks!

I love this image that you can generate as an embed code from the Facebook app.  I really wanted people to be able to embed it into their blogs and share it with their friends in this way. If you have a travel blog, the Countdown to Romance will sit there counting down the days until your trip. I like that it counts the seconds until your trip.  It would be nice if you could resize, maybe I can play with the code later and fix that.

It is also shareable via social (the usual: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest). I especially like the Pinterest share. If you have a trip pinboard, you can pin the image of your clock as a reminder.

Planning a romantic getaway -  get your own clock here.  Do it now! 

Disclosure:  This is one element of a larger a client campaign. 


Anonymous said...

YAYY only 58 more days. Romantic holidays are fantastic!

leyla said...

Thank you Ash Louise! Did you create your clock?