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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Look Back a Decade - Nostalgic Travel Post

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Nostalgic Entry From My Travel Journal

I have handwritten travel journals saved from nearly every journey I've taken since I was 18. My favorite thing in the world is to go back and read my journals. Take an unedited look as I turn the clock back a decade and indulge in my nostalgia.

London toy soldier

Journal Entry: February 22, 2002 - 3:10 A.M. 
I'm on Flight 98 to London Heathrow. It's so much more fun to say, "London Heathrow" than just plain "London". I've just gotten up from about a three hour nap. I've got about two hours left on this flight. (I had a sudden urge to floss, had it not been for this small piece of chicken caught in my back tooth, I would most likely still be asleep).  
Friday in Chicago was good, I got everything accomplished. The only regret I have is missing the last three weeks of my creative writing class. I feel like I let the class down... or maybe I let myself down.  
So far [insert name] and I are off to a positive start. I'm happy to be here and I'm happy to be here with him. For a while I had hesitation, I've never been on a trip like this with anyone. I usually prefer my own company when it comes to anything that has to do with travel, education or culture. I find those things oddly personal and difficult to share because most people don't possess my level of enthusiasm and I become insulted upon the realization. History, particularly European History, is my thing. I feel a connection when I'm in Europe, not with the people so much, but with their past.  
But tonight on the plane, I became excited he was here with me. Excited that I could share this passion - my only passion - with him.  
I'm expecting a lot out of this trip, out of the next six weeks of travel. But tonight, at this moment, I am only wishing for some humidity. My crunchy boogers are killing me! 

Now... Read an excerpt from my 1995 travel blog -- when I was broke and backpacking (it's kind of awesome). 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Where Did September Go?

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The Month of September Flew Right By! 

In fact, October is half over too... 

In the past, I was committed to blogging several times a week. These days, keeping up with Instagram, Pinterest and all the other social mediums, I'm lucky to squeeze out a post every month! As a result, all of my posts are recaps or edited versions of something that should be much better. 

Family Leylavator Shot

My Brother In Chicago
My brother moved to Los Angles about two years ago and then from LA, he moved to Brooklyn which is where he plans to stay for a while. In September, Ahmet (my broham), came home for a few weeks in between his trip to Spain. 

We don't have many relatives in the US, most live in Turkey, which makes the five of us (my parents, brothers and I), closer than we might be otherwise. Even though Ahmet and I did not spend a tremendous amount of time together when he lived in Chicago, it is odd that he is gone. When Ahmet is here, I spend as much time with him as our schedules will allow. We even postponed my dad's birthday celebration until September in anticipation of Ahmet's arrival. 

My Dad's Birthday

Old Albums Found at Mom's
Superbowl Shuffle and Cure Albums

Chicago Gourmet 2012
If you like food and wine, and you live in Chicago, you are probably familiar with an event that takes place each September called - Chicago Gourmet. This year my friend Gilbert the chef / owner of Chalkboard needed an extra hand at his booth so I volunteered. I showed up on Sunday afternoon and scooped pate onto a cracker for two and a half hours. It was great fun, especially for someone who doesn't eat pork. 

Our booth had three restaurants serving food at stations side by side. The restaurant at the first station I don't recall, they did not leave an impression on me. The restaurant at the station (right next to us) turned out to be my good friend Anthony who is an owner at Three Aces in Chicago. Here's the kicker... Anthony, Gilbert and I all worked together at SUSHISAMBA and had no clue we would be situated side by side! Needless to say, our booth was much more fun than the entirety of Chicago Gourmet. I ended up doing shots of Old Crow (bourbon) by 1pm (thanks to the Three Aces crew) and everyone told inappropriate jokes which I cannot repeat in a public forum.  

Anthony Potenzo from Three Aces Chicago (left)
Gilbert Langlois from Chalkboard Restaurant Chicago (right)

Shots of Old Crow at Chicago Gourmet while serving food
That is my hand and it is like 1pm on a Sunday afternoon

Anthony Potenzo at Chicago Gourmet (left)
Random Homeless Guy at Chicago Gourmet (right)
Anthony is always making friends! Hey wait! How did that guy get in there?
Don't they have security or something at this event?

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