Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Cyber Monday Get Your Zentai Suits NOW!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Cyber Monday Get Your Zentai Suits NOW!

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Cyber Monday is HERE!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

P.S. I hate Cyber Monday

Black Friday 

I love shopping but I hate deals
Don't get me wrong, I like saving money, I just hate anything that resembles a monster truck rally when it comes to my shopping experience. Unless the doorbuster is Champagne being served by polite individuals, and a well-heeled, yet witty, group of individuals enter this establishment in an orderly fashion, I want nothing to do with it.

It sounds snooty, but Champagne while you shop doesn't have to be snooty. Every year I shop at Agent Provocateur on Oak Street the day before Christmas. An oasis from the hustle and bustle of Michigan Avenue, punk rock girls feed me Champagne and attempt to squeeze me into something lovely. Last year it was a corset. This tradition always feels very civilized, even if I am sipping my little bottle of bubbly through a straw while making awkward conversation.

I decided to spend my Cyber Monday on something ridiculous
You may, or may, know... but I am an affiliate marketer. More as a hobby, I operate a few domains that I work to monetize with affiliate links. You may think ill of this practice, but it is likely because you're poorly informed. I forgive you.

Recently, I have become an affiliate for a good number of sites that originate in Asia. These sites, like What A Beautiful Life and, are like online super malls. I have yet to purchase any of their products, but I am tempted, very tempted to purchase ONE thing in particular. I want a Zentai Suit! 

The Japanese Zentai Suit is... 
A skin tight garment that covers the entire body. It is most commonly made of a nylon / spandex blend or PVC. These suits are also known as, “bodysocks” RootSuits, Superfan Suit and they are used at sporting events, in music videos an other random places where costumes are worn like weddings.

I’m not sure for what reason they originated, but I think people wear them in order to freak other people out. Check out this gallery of people just hanging out in groups in their Zentai Suits behaving in seemingly normal ways.
This guy in a Zentai suit just reading the news in his chair - from

The unisex Zentai in all classic black latex. Courtesy of "Just Zentai" on Flickr

Black Spiderman Zentai from 

Exceptionally creepy yellow and orange mixed Zentai Suit from 

Weird metallic superman Zentai suit

icon icon
Last but not least, the Canadian Zentai, a personal favorite of mine.
This lovely Canadian Zentai suit is available at 
What A Beautiful Life

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