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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Friday is Found - Thank You For Your HELP!

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Our Missing Dog Is Back Home!

Thanks so much to EVERYONE who helped with tweets and posts! My brother found Friday on Friday morning, 24 hours after his dog went missing. The details of the ordeal can be found here

Here is what happened with Friday 
When my brother got home on Wednesday night (Thursday morning), he let Friday, his five year old pit bull, out on the back deck. My brother lives on the third floor three story walk up in Bucktown. He has a large is back deck that is gated and his dog goes out there daily. Friday has never before attempted to leave the deck, he is a docile and obedient dog. 

Unfortunately, my brother fell asleep while Friday was outside on his deck. When he woke up a few hours later, Friday was gone. He had wandered off the deck. 

By 6AM on Thursday, my brother had covered the neighborhood with "Lost Dog" signs with Friday's image and his phone number. While he the street, I hit the internet and posted Friday's pic all over Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

By 10AM my brother received an "anonymous tip" from a neighbor. The man said that he saw Friday at 4AM at the firehouse on Damen and Cortland. He went on to tell my brother there was another couple out there too (he did not know who they were). The man said that he tried to take Friday home but the couple that was out there insisted on taking Friday to a shelter.

By 11AM there were 100s of Retweets, Likes and Reposts - including a DM from @SarahLauch (who ended up helping us beyond belief). My goal was to get Friday's picture in front of anyone and everyone in Bucktown / Wicker Park in case he was still out there wandering around. I was also hoping that the mysterious couple who possibly took Friday earlier that morning would see it and return Friday before taking him to a shelter. 

By 12:30 PM my brother went to the shelter looking for Friday. He went to Animal Control and another shelter but did not find Friday.  

Thanksgiving day turned out to be a bust. My brother was devastated, he hated himself for falling asleep and putting his dog in harm's way. He refused to come to dinner and we decided to bring him food instead of getting together. We were worried about my brother, his text to me was, "I can't live with this in my head."

Finding Friday... on Friday 
I slept about 4 hours on Thursday night because I was so distraught about our missing dog. I woke up at 5:30AM, laid in bed for a bit because I was so tired, I got up around 6:30a and texted my brother. The day before, I had been a tweeting and facebooking machine and I had not eaten. I told my brother that I was going to come up with a plan of attack for the day while grabbing some breakfast. I told him that I was leaving my phone at home because I needed to unplug. 

At breakfast I wrote out a detailed plan for the day. The websites we had already "hit" and the ones we had not yet covered. I drew up a social media plan with a targeted facebook ad plan. I had chamomile tea, two eggs over easy and hash browns. 

I got home at 8AM and had a missed call on my phone. I looked at my texts and at 7:55AM I had two texts from my brother: "I found him!!  Found him, he's at the pound!!" 

That evening my brother and his dog enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner together. 

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