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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Friday is Missing - Please Help Bring Him Home

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Friday was born on a Friday and returned home on a Friday -- he is Friday! 
Friday is found post is here. 

Missing Pit Bull in Chicago - $500 REWARD! 

Friday is Missing! He is a Gray / Blue Pit Bull

I woke up Thanksgiving morning to a text from my brother Ahmet, "Did Selcuk lose his dog? He said something on Facebook." Selcuk is my youngest brother, he lives in Bucktown, and his dog named Friday is missing. Friday is a friendly, grayish brown, male pit bull, we are offering a reward for his return. Call 312.404.2991 or tweet @Leyla_A if you have any info!

My brother's dog Friday is missing: 
LOST DOG - last seen on Courtland and Damen. Super friendly, no tags, he answers to Friday. $500 Reward! If found call: 847.609.5335 
I posted the info on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and received 100s of reposts, retweets and shares. My brother scoured Bucktown posting signs and talking to neighbors, he went to 2 shelters looking for Friday. We've received many replies and kind words, but as of 5:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving --  Friday is still missing.

Anonymous lead - Please help us find Friday!   
A man phoned my brother Thanksgiving morning and said he saw Friday at 4:00 a.m. outside the firehouse on Damen and Cortland. He told my brother, "I found your dog wandering outside the fire station, there was another couple out there too, I tried to take him home with me, but the couple insisted on taking your dog to a shelter." The man said the couple (man and a woman) took Friday but he has no description of this couple.

As far as we know, Friday was not taken to a shelter. If we can find the couple who took Friday last night in Bucktown, maybe we can find Friday! Maybe they still have Friday? Hopefully, we can get Friday back before they take him to a shelter.

The reward is now $500. Please ask your friends who live in Bucktown, especially around Cortland and Damen, if they know of ANYONE who found a grayish brown, male pit bullFriday has no tags, he is stocky, he looks scary but he a gentle giant. 

This is Friday going for his first swim... He is so awesome and we want him home so badly! 

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