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Monday, November 12, 2012

I Was Wrong, Rachel Weisz is Super Hot

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Rachel Weisz is Super Hot 

Rachel Weisz
Rachel Weisz looking all vamp in thigh high black boots.

Over the weekend I was having dinner, drinking wine and discussing famous couples with some friends. It was brought to my attention that Rachel Weisz was married to Daniel Craig - this took me surprise. I was unaware that the duo were even dating, let alone married. I commented that Rachel Weisz was not worthy of Daniel Craig, based simply on looks. I then went onto make a comparison between Rachel Weisz and other common brunettes with pale skin (like the idiot who writes this blog) stating that Rachel Weisz was an attractive woman but more average, and not exceptional. 

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig - they both look hot and stylish. 

Rachel Weisz looking attractive but kind of average and not exceptional. 

My friends disagreed with me, they thought Rachel Weisz was a very good looking woman. The more I argued, the more they defended her but I was not convinced by their passionate opposition to my stance.

The following day, I decided to Google images of Rachel Weisz, as I was certain I would find a bunch of images where she looked super average. I planned to send my findings to my friends in support of my position and prove that her looks were average. I searched phrases that I thought would turn up the images I was looking for like, "Rachel Weisz Young" and "Rachel Weisz No Make Up".

My Google searches proved one thing... I was wrong, Rachel Weisz is Super Hot. Not to mention Rachel Weisz is 42. She is understated, she is classic and she is married to a super hot guy who is the same age. Rachel Weisz is my newest hero.

Enjoy a collection of some of my favorite Rachel Weisz photos from my recent Google search. Be sure to scroll all the way to down to the last one, I saved the best for last.

Rachel Weisz sitting in a leather chair looking sultry.
Who knew Rachel Weisz was sexy? Not me! But now I know. 

Rachel Weisz Young.
Round and supple face, she looks innocent but hot. 

Rachel Weisz young with milky white skin, big eyes and dark hair. 
This was the worst picture I could find - still super hot. 

Rachel Weisz in a classic look. Attractive and elegant. 

Rachel Weisz understated with bright red lips. 

Let's get to the good stuff!

Rachel Weisz hot and sexy! 

Rachel Weisz photographed by Juergen Teller (Index Magazine). 

Rachel Weisz being coy. 

That was my favorite. 

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John Knight said...

So very glad I didn't get involved in this argument. It's nice to see that you agree with a few of us that she's hot. Now we need to work on your opinion of a certain other brunette.