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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blogging from Hootsuite!

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Wow! a Blogger App for Hootsuite! 


Hootsuite Blogger


Today I learned about the Blogger app on Hootsuite (available in the app directory). You can create a blog post directly from Hootsuite straight into your Blogger blog. You can also monitor multiple blogs from your Hootsuite stream (which i haven't figured out yet).


I am trying the Blogger app in Hootsuite for the first time now. The widget is kind of neat, it allows for HTML posts and "visual" posts with a basic kitchen sink. I am playing around and not sure how much functionality is available.  I to learn more during the Google Hangout Hootsuite is hosting on Feb. 28th at 11a PST on the topic.


I am not sure how to upload a pic to blogger from the Hootsuite app / widget (i tried but let's see if it works). I don't know if my auto-formatting will stick when I post from Hootsuite. How the format will look for my title? And will my auto-programmed "share" buttons show up? Do I need to go in and code these options in? Oh, and, how can I "tag" my posts? I don't see an option to add tags. 


I guess we will see as soon as I hit "publish". I also don't see an option for "save", I must publish. It would be great to have a "save" option so I can type a post on the go, and then go back when I have more time to edit. 


I like the option of having this widget / app in Hootsuite, but I believe there will be some updates on the horizon... I anticipate fixes already. 

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