Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: My Trip to Jordan: Amman, Petra and The Dead Sea

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Trip to Jordan: Amman, Petra and The Dead Sea

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My Holiday in Jordan: Mt. Nebo, Madaba, Kerak Castle, Petra, The Dead Sea, Ajloun Castle and the Royal Automobile Museum in Amman

Holiday in Jordan

In February of 2013, I traveled to Jordan for one week. It was a last minute trip and I didn't have much of a plan, I had a flight and a hotel reservation in Amman. Once I arrived, figured I would get some good advice from the concierge at Four Seasons Amman on where to visit and how to get around in Jordan. Below are some photo highlights of my trip to Jordan this past February... 

Leyla in Mt. Nebo
Here I am standing on top of Mt. Nebo, the Promised Land sits behind me

Driving through Jordan
The beautiful Jordanian landscape begs to be captured

The roads wind as we descent on our drive to Petra

Kerak Castle in Jordan
Kerak Castle - one of three castles in the region used by the crusaders

An Ayyubid castle in Ajloun built in the 12th c., it protected the routes between Jordan and Syria warding off the crusaders

St. George Church Madaba
Greek Orthodox church of St. George in Madaba, Jordan known for its mosaics 

The Treasury - Petra
Petra is the main reason I ever took an interest in traveling to Jordan, above is a description, be sure to read the Bedouin legend in the 1st paragraph

The Treasury by Night - Petra
The Treasury by night - lit by over 2500 candles, Petra by night tours are only offered three nights per week

The Treasury - Petra, Jordan
The Treasury in Petra, notice the top portion, you can see the bullet holes from the Bedouins (see description above)

Tourists in Petra
Standing outside the tombs in Petra, two tourists and a stray dog look out onto the landscape

Climb to the Monastery - Petra
1000 steps are climbed to reach the Monastery in Petra but the view is well worth the effort

The Monastery at Petra, from the ground looking up (don't be fooled by the image, it is quite massive) 

Kempinski - Dead Sea Jordan
Ready to relax on my patio at The Kempinski that looked out at The Dead Sea 

Kempinski - Dead Sea Jordan
The view from my patio at The Kempinski - The Dead Sea in Jordan (that's Israel on the other side)

Welcome to Jerash, where you will find Greco-Roman ruins that are amazingly restored

Temple of Artemis in Jerash 

The Theater at Jerash - where the acoustics were so good it was hard to believe

This was not my idea, he insisted we take this photo (he also took one with his cell phone)

Sitting in the Greco-Roman ruins on a quiet day at Jerash

The Royal Automobile Museum in Amman - the highlight of time in Amman

Aston Martin DB 2
Aston Martin DB 2 driven by King Hussein 

Aston Martin DB 2 driven by King Hussein and restored by the factory to original condition

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