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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Wrote This Post While Eating a Block of Cheese

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What's Been Going on in My Boring Life? 

I promised myself I'd post tonight, but sadly, my life is so uneventful I simply have nothing to say! I need to start working out again, physical activity always seems to trigger my thinkin' juices. 

I was so bored, I made a GIF of myself. I was drinking wine and eating a block of cheese (for real tho) and figured, why not make a GIF. With my youth waning and little optimism, thank god I still have my sense of humor. 

Looking for content for this post, I figured I should thumb through the 4000 pictures on my phone to remember what I've been doing lately. Let's see what I found... 

  1. I checked in with @Stealx on Foursquare for the first time since August of 2012. We were both at O'hare. I also ran into my friend Carter that morning, I was heading to Tampa and he was heading to St. Louis - they both suck, but at least one is on an ocean and not some terrible river. 
  2. I visited my aunt in Clearwater (why I was heading to Tampa) and got to spend the weekend with my cousins - I haven't spent more than a few hours with either of them, so that was nice. Until they started fighting, but that's just family.
  3. I had dinner with my dad at LuxBar, which is totally normal because I do that once a week. 
  4. I took a bunch of selfies on Instagram
  5. I went to @MkInChiTown's birthday party and got pretty drunk, ended up at a strip club on Tuesday with a bunch of Twitter people. I guess that's not too boring. 
  6. I had dinner alone. Again. Oh, but my iPad was with me to keep me company. 
  7. I cleaned out my closets - FINALLY! I had to get rid of my favorite Misssoni bathing suit in the world, it was too old to keep. 
  8. I found a couch to buy, went and picked out colors. And then taped out the floors in my apartment to see where it would fit best. Yawn. 
  9. I took a #Leylavator pic and posted on Instagram
  10. I went to NY for work. That was a long week. 
  11. I helped a friend run an event during NeoCon, it was a fashion show at the Merchandise Mart - that was actually fun. 
  12. I had cocktails with girls from work at The Trump. 
  13. I saw a rainbow. 
  14. My (other) aunt visited us from Istanbul. I hung out with her a bit, took her shopping. 
  15. I was glued to the interwebz enthralled by the #OccupyGezi protesters in Istanbul. 
  16. I wrote on a lot of whiteboards - sheesh, too many! 
  17. I had drinks with @KatieSweet80
  18. I fought hipsters. 
  19. I started walking to work in the mornings (again). It helps with my rampant anger. 
  20. I had brunch with +Chanthana Tsai  and Gina. 

That's just a few of the boring things that have happened to me over the past few days or weeks. See below for some pics of more boring things.

Leyla Images

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