Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Always for Love, Never for Money

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Always for Love, Never for Money

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My life defined: always for love, never for money

This is a story about three jobs I've loved.

I've never taken a job for money, if I don't love something, I simply can't do it. There is no option and no in between for me. It started when I was a kid, I couldn't concentrate on something unless I enjoyed it, not much has changed for me as an adult. 

with efsun as a kid... toasting with kiddie cocktails
having so much fun - why would I have it any other way! 

Old habits are hard to break (maybe that's a good thing)
As a kid, I was well-liked by friends and teachers, but there were bad habits no one could break. Some of these "bad habits" I had as a kid have stayed with me into adulthood, so instead of fighting them, I try to embrace them and work with them.  

  • I didn't sleep much as a kid (I was a nocturnal as an infant, drove everyone crazy)
  • I got bored easily, I didn't listen or pay attention for very long and my mind wandered 
  • I wrote morbid stories and I told off color jokes, often leaving adults perplexed 
  • If I loved something, I was great at it and nothing cold make me stop  
  • If I hated something, I simply didn't care and nothing could make me care

Three jobs I've loved... 
In no particular order, other than the order they happen to pop into my head. Of course, there are many other jobs I've loved, but these are three stories I share with you today.

1) Coconuts Records 
I worked at Coconuts Records when I was 16. Working at a record store was a dream come true, like Empire Records but better. I worked up to 35 hours a week at Coconuts while still in high school, and I loved it because...

  • I was a huge music lover and I got to keep the extra posters if I wanted them (I was 16!)
  • I got a discount on all my music purchases and free video rentals 
  • I was saving for a three week trip to France (of course) I was an exchange student my senior year

2) J. Brown & Associates (now G2 Promotions)
In the early aughts, I worked for a small agency and specialized in sponsorship, event marketing, promotions, contests and giveaways for big brands. One of my favorite agency jobs for various reasons, but I'll let the pictures tell you why I loved this job...

  • Meet and Greet with Destiny's Child / Beyonce and my contest winners - 20 kids who were thrilled to be in a NY recording studio (one kid even cried) 
  • MTV Awards standing with the band Mudvayne (photo taken by one of my contest winners) 

Destiny's Child Meet and Greet 

these pics were taken the weekend of Beyonce's 21st birthday

this was "work"

3) Blackbird Restaurant 
In the late 90s, I quit my job at DDB Chicago to finish up grad school and took a part time job as a hostess at Blackbird restaurant. This was where I realized my love of food and drink, this was where I learned all about lateral service, and this was where I formed an appreciation of the many "finer" things that still I can't afford! Why I loved working at Blackbird...

  • The energy in the room on a busy night, the organized chaos was thrilling 
  • The passion, from the ownership down to the bus men, everyone was passionate about quality and service
  • The guests were mostly kind and gracious, maybe it was the intimate setting, or maybe I was just so awesome they couldn't help but be nice to me 
  • The food! To this day, I still consider Blackbird one of the best restaurants in Chicago 

Blackbird dining room 

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