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Monday, September 16, 2013

Glacier Park Trip - Part 1

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My Travels to Glacier Park, Montana - Part 1

This will be a two part post because I have SO MANY great things to say about Glacier Park. Even with my frantic note taking, I couldn't take all the information I gained on my Jammer ride (by my driver Marty). I bought a book on the history of Glacier Park and I'm compiling a comprehensive post, but for now, enjoy some photos.


These photos were taken on my "Jammer Ride" through Glacier Park with several stops at key points. The mountains and the scenery was truly breathtaking - very little photo editing in any of these photos. 

This is the red Jammer that escorted around Glacier Park.
These were established in 1932 as a means of traveling around Going-to-the-Sun road when it was completed. I took the Big Circle Tour - which was an eight hour, highly informative tour of the park.  


Fellow Jammer riders - all were very nice!
A personal note I wrote to myself on the day of my tour:
It's 3pm, I've been on this bus since 10 a.m., I have three more hours to go - I may defect and just opt to live in these mountains. One can only take so much driving around with old people - the bickering and the bad humor is starting to get to me. 


I call this one Rowing on Glass 
Lake McDonald was our first stop, so pretty. I took several pictures of this couple rowing on the lake.

Rowing on Glass

What a great place to ride! 
I don't ride, but if I did, this would be where I would do it. We saw motorcyclists with Go-Pro cameras on their heads (may or may not have been these guys). 


Leyla at Glacier Park
Many people have asked if I traveled alone, and YES, I did travel by by myself. This is something I have grown accustomed to, I wish I had someone to share my travels with, but I am not one to sit around and wait. Since I was traveling alone, Marty my driver, was kind enough to snap some photos of me. 


The famous St. Mary Lake along Going-to-the-Sun road. 
The photos is a bit saturated but, it will do. This was the day that started out in the 40s and got up to the 80s - how does one dress for a 40 degree temperature change? 

Leyla at Glacier Park

Going-to-the-Sun Road 
Named after Going-to-the-Sun-Mountain, or after Sour Spirit, who taught the Blackfeet Indians how to hunt. Sour Spirit would return to the sun when his work was done - they named the mountain and the road after him. 


Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park 

Peace Park - Glacier Park Montana

There you have it! 

For more pictures, visit my Flickr Set for Montana

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