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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Auto Awesome Makes The Holidays Better - Thanks Google!

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Auto Awesome - Twinkle is Here! 

Google makes the holidays so much more special. 

Auto Awesome by Google
My Christmas Tree Twinkles

My Christmas tree looks so cool thanks to Google's newest auto awesome feature - Twinkle! Twinkle is the latest Auto Awesome feature from Google. I had NO clue this was available until my photos from the weekend were backed up to my G+ page. Today, I got a notification on my phone that I had new Auto Awesome photos and to my delight, I found my photos full of TWINKLE! 

Google Auto Awesome
My Christmas Tree and Booze Bottles Twinkle

Auto Awesome has been around for a while, it automatically creates new versions of your photos, sometimes making them into GIFs, without you having to lift a finger. Features include: Eraser, Smile, HDR, Motion, Smile, Pano, Mix and others. If you're not familiar with Google's Auto Awesome feature, check out some of my other awesome photos here or read about it on Google's support page

Auto Awesome Photos by Google
Holiday Party Twinkle

You can be sure that I am going to be taking many more photos of holiday lights and uploading them to my G+ Page. I want to auto-awesome EVERYTHING! 

Auto Awesome photos by Google
Holiday Party My Nose is Twinkling - I'm Rudolph

The second photo of my at the holiday party was edited prior to uploading, I added some "brightness" in iPhoto and that's why you're catching extra twinkle on the walls. My nose, however, is twinkling from a bit of shine on my face... I don't think my nose was what Google had in mind when they thought up Twinkle. 

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