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Thursday, December 19, 2013

College Journal Entry

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College Journal Entry from September of 1994

Leyla A. circa 1994 - below is a true story that I wrote my senior year of college (no edits).

College Journals
Journals I kept - college and post-college 
Once again I didn't do my homework, and when I went to Dr. Dotson he told me I get away with it because I have a "creative personality." 

September 6th, 1994 
I just had a real college moment. I'll back track... Saturday night I was working and a very shy boy comes up to me and says, "You're Leyla" - not an unusual comment because everyone knows me. And I say, "Yes". He says, "I'm in your Hist 492 class." I think, that's funny the class has 12 people, surely I would remember his face, but I apologize for not recognizing.

He talks about the class a little, he even knows my research topic, so surely he MUST be in my class. The time I'm still trying to place him. Anyway he takes my number and says he needs help, he's "lost", and hasn't been to class since the first day. Being the kind hearted fellow classmate, I invite the poor soul under my wing. He'd be a good study partner, and although I have no real attraction to him, he's cute.

He calls and we decide to study Monday night. I try to help him find a research topic, he helps me, we talk movies, music and Jack Kerouac. He's cute and very typical of a boy who rode his skateboard to the library.

The evening has progressed and I'm ready to leave. I know I'm going to the Hangar 9 at 11 PM and I know this boy is new in town, so I invite him along. He sits at the bar quietly, drinking slowly (as I pay). I talk to Paul Warren, Jim, etc. and he listens attentively tossing in a word or a comment from time to time. The night passes, we go home.

To back up a minute. At the library I find out he is 19, which is odd since he is in a 492 Hist class - a class you have to take your graduating semester. I drive him home and he kisses me on the cheek good night, which made me feel like Auntie Leyla.

Fast forward to tonight. About 20 minutes ago I get a phone call. "Leyla?" "Yes?"I reply. He goes on, "It's urgent I talk with you." "Well, I'm doing homework, could it wait?" "No, can I come over?" I say "No." He says, "Could you meet me outside? So, I do.

The boy tells me he saw me a few weeks ago and was asking about me. His roommate is in my Hist 492 class, and he lied to me to meet me! He's not even IN school.

I find the whole Hallmark moment a bit flattering. He made me smile, but put 100 years difference between us.

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