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Monday, December 30, 2013

Last Days of December

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Photo Documentation of the Last Days of December

Thanks Google + for the auto-awesome and the nifty movie maker

I took advantage of my holiday time off by snapping photos around the city, playing with photo editors on my mobile devices, and tools in Google Plus. In this post, I've shared Auto-Awesome enhanced photos and a Movie Maker video. I try to post unique content whenever I can, so you may find similar photos with different edits in my Instagram feed.

Lake Front Path Chicago

I love this photo of the Chicago Skyline in black and white. Similar to the ones below, I took the photo above in color using my Moto X and edited the photo with tools native to the the device. No additional apps were used to create the photo above, but it looks like a black and white etching.

Chicago Lakefront Path December 2013

Above is the Lakefront Path and Chicago Skyline in color. I believe this was taken with my Canon T1i and it looks edited (probably in iPhoto). It was a wet and dreary, bone-chilling cold day, the waves were crashing, the wind was blowing - I'm not sure what I was thinking when I went out there.  

Chicago Lakefront Path december

I included this third image of the Lakefront Path because of the edit. This picture was automatically edited once it was uploaded to Google Plus. "Eraser", an Auto Awesome feature offered in G+, removes moving objects from a set of similar photos. Multiples of similar photos were merged, and the crashing waves were deleted, or "Erased," to create the photo above.

Last Days of December - created in Movie Maker  

The movie above was generated auto-awesomely from some of the photos I took on this dreary day in December. Movie Maker is a feature within Google Plus that takes a grouping of your photos and makes it into a movie - unbeknownst to you. It is so fun when you look at your phone, see an unfamiliar notification, and voila, you have a movie!

Once your surprise movie is made, you can edit it in G+. Add or remove images, include filters and / or music, and then share on G+. You can also download the movie to your device and share on YouTube, or wherever. FYI, I had no idea what was happening to my phone when I saw that notification the first few times, it was weird. Oh, and the music choices are a little weird too. Currently, Movie Maker is only available on certain Android devices (like mine). 

Back to more photos - Last Days of December

Winter Boots Hunter Green

I included the picture above because I liked the contrast of the colors. I was slipping and sliding all over the place with these rubber boots, I nearly broke my neck! But they look so cute and keep your feet dry. 

Graystone Apartment Building Cheery Row Houses

Creepy-looking graystone building above on the left, coupled with cheery row houses above on the right. The graystone was dilapidated, and the bushes covering the facade were not maintained, contributing to the run-down look of the structure. I tried to build upon that look of disrepair in the edit with more contrast. I may have gotten a bit carried away, perhaps channeling my inner Morticia Addams, because the bright brick row houses on the right were totally joyful with festive red ribbon bows until I got my hands on them. Both images were edited on my Moto X and auto-enhanced in Google Plus upon instant upload. 

Chess Pavilion Lakefront Trail chicago

The photo of the empty chess pavilion above has minimal editing (maybe just auto-enhanced on Google Plus). 

The lakefront path was desolate, it was drizzling, windy and cold, I was ready to go home. I headed down the hill, away from the lake, and towards the underpass that leads back to the park. I took one last look back to see if I had missed anything, and that was when my eye caught the chess pavilion. 

Chicago Chess Pavilion

Unlike the summer months, the chess pavilion looked lifeless on this day at the end of December. I stood there for a minute and stared at the cold, concrete structure framed by black trees, dark murky waters and sullen grass. The vacant space drew me in, so I snapped some photos - after all, that was the whole point of my lakefront stroll, plus I had three devices with me, so why not. 

On my way home, I made a pit stop at Public Hotel. I purchased and espresso, sat beside the fireplace, and started my photo edits on my phone. The dark looking chess pavilion photo immediately above is not heavily edited. Because the day was gloomy, all I had to do was add a litho filter, some highlights and a black vignette. And just like that, those trees achieved the dramatic effect they were so desperately trying to impress upon me.

Want to see more pics? 
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