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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Playing with iPhone Photo Apps

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iPhone Apps - iPhoto, Snapseed, VSCOcam 

Playing with various iPhone photo editing apps 

This morning I posted a photo on Instagram of the Trump Tower edited using iPhoto on my iPhone (below). Upon posting, I experienced a warm reception from the Instagram community, but one person questioned my choice in photo editing apps. In response to the naysayer, I edited the same photo in a few different apps (I was home sick today and bored).

Trump Tower - iPhoto Edit
Trump Tower Black White

I liked the dramatic look of the drastic black and white created by the iPhoto filter.  If you've never used iPhoto on an iPhone (it's probably because it is $5.99), but it has a huge selection of filters and tools. Figuring out how they all work is a little tough, so I just hit a bunch of buttons until - voila

Trump Tower - No Edit
Trump Tower Chicago - no edit

You can see that the original photo was pretty good to begin with, so the filtering and editing created drama, but had little to do with the amazing composition of the photo I took with my phone. I am kidding, I'm not even really sure what "composition" means when it comes to photography. 

Trump Tower - Snapseed Light Edit
Snapseed edit Instagram

This version looks almost like the "no edit" version, but it is not. The photo directly above was edited using Snapseed, I hit the "auto enhance" button, which created a slight increase in color. You can mostly see it in the golden hues on the windows and towards the bottom. 

Trump Tower - VSCOcam Edit
VSCOCam Trump Tower edit

I don't like the version edited in VSCOcam at all. It looks dull, lame, meh. I actually spent the most time editing this photo (believe it or not), it's like it was un-edited. I've used VSCOcam a bunch of times, normally I like it, but with this pic in particular, I couldn't make anything look good. 

Trump Tower - Snapseed Heavy Edit
Snapseed Grunge Filter Trump Tower Chicago

This is my second favorite (after the black and white). The heavily edited version in Snapseed reminds me of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome or something. I played with the tones, the scratchiness, the blah blah blah, and I used the "grunge" filter. As I said before, I have no patience for photo editing, I hit a bunch of buttons and - voila! 

Frankly, unless you're making money on Instagram, or you're a professional photographer, you really shouldn't spend more than 3-5 minutes editing a photo. You should have better things to do, like blogging. 

Now, leave a comment and tell me which version was your favorite! And, follow me on Instagram.  

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