Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: How to Instagram | Part One of the Instagram Studies by @leylaruinseverything

Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Instagram | Part One of the Instagram Studies by @leylaruinseverything

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Instagram Studies Part 1 - Displaying Content Online

I've been pooling information on Instagram for marketers and users. I plan to post everything in one comprehensive format, but until then, here's a bite... 

Displaying Your Instagram Content Online 
Slidagram is one third party Instagram tool which helps display your IG content better on your blog or other static websites. If you look to the the right hand column, you'll see a smaller IG feed (by snapwidget). The problem is that neither feed drives back to my Instagram account, instead they link back to the respective third party sites.

If you care about driving users back to your IG page... 

Perhaps aesthetics don't matter much? If that is the case, use the embed code provided by Instagram.

Each Instagram photo has an embed code that's easily found on the desktop version of IG. By using the embed code (vs. third party tools), you will drive people back to your account and potentially grow your followers and gain likes (if this is your goal).

The image will remain static, the look may not be as nice and you don't get the multi-image view, the rotation of images, etc. but there's certainly a benefit in using the native code from the IG. Your native profile pic is viewable, as well as the number of likes and comments on the photo. You can control the size of the image by changing it in the code, there is not a WYSWYG (drag / drop) option for sizing.

Another easy-breezy way of syndicating your content is to publish your content directly to Tumblr, a site that works fairly seamlessly with IG.

Please keep checking back for more updates on my blog *here* for more, or you can follow me on Twitter (@leyla_a) or Instagram where I will keep updates going too.

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