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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nostalgic Travel Post | London in February of 1999

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Travel to London in February of 1999 

Visiting London via Zurich for a solo trip back in '99

Hell ride. I only slept two hours on my flight to Zurich. I watched two movies and loved The Wonder Boys. In Zurich I switched planes to a smaller aircraft called "Cross-Air". I had a two hour layover and a one hour delay. I landed in London at 11:10 a.m. (one hour late), this was 5:10 a.m. my time. 

I lost my luggage and arrived at the backpackers hotel at 1:30 p.m., slept until 4:30 p.m., got up and waited for my luggage until 7p.m. While I waited, I watched the Simpsons with the other backpackers and later went to dinner at Pharmacy [a Notting Hill restaurant designed by Damien Hirst].

Pharmacy Bar London

Pharmacy was within walking distance of where I was staying. I arrived around 9-ish. They could not seat me, so I waited in the bar. I waited for over one hour [by myself]. I made friends with the bartender, he was a little English version of Tom Cruise from Cocktail (minus the skill + some bad tattoos). He set me up, charged me £5 for two drinks that would normally cost £20. I flipped him a £5 tip. 

They had Absinthe on the bar menu, so I tried an Absinthe Martini. Advice: No need for a date rape drug if you drink Absinthe - so don't drink it! 

Finally I went upstairs to the restaurant. My meal was excellent. I was really turned off by the place when I got there - it was very young, cheap, with bad music. But that was the bar. Upstairs in the restaurant area, it was more sophisticated - very chic. The food was phenomenal, I had the whitefish in a soy sauce broth with asparagus and cilantro on top of a corn meal casserole. Holy shit it was good. 

I do miss traveling. I shared my dinner with a Spanish business traveler and then met this girl my age with stains on her shirt and a face that looked steam rolled. She was Australian and had been traveling for over a year and a half. I wish! 

I came home from Pharmacy and hung with the staff and people at the hotel back at the bar for about 25 minutes. We were all laughing, it was fun. I really wish I had done it [backpacked] longer when I had the chance. 

If this job thing doesn't work out, I'm hitting the road. Why not run? Why should I stay in my stagnant reality when I could create my own reality everyday in a different country. 

My sleeping pill is kicking in....


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