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Monday, April 28, 2014

Stop the Famous Person Quote Madness

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Whether it is from poets, novelists, politicians, movies or celebrities, we all have our favorite quotes - and we like to share them with our friends. 

Three things set me off about the seemingly endless stream of quotes on the social medias: 1) Overuse  2) Misquotes 3) Glorification of Tragedy  

Coco Chanel Young - Destiny Quote

I don't understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little - if only out of politeness. And then, you never know, maybe that's the day she has a date with destiny. And it's best to be as pretty as possible for destiny. Coco Chanel (sourced from Vogue)

I'll admit it, I'm guilty too! 
I don't like to think that I overuse quotes on my social profiles (I prefer to hear myself talk) maybe one or two, is that one too many? But I do love many of the same quotes shared by you all. The Coco Chanel quote above is one of my favorites, and since Coco truly knew how to seize an opportunity, I try to heed the advice.  

When it comes to misquotes, I am most certainly guilty. This past Valentine's Day, I saw a quote image floating out there on Instagram, I double tapped immediately. And then, without a second thought, I quickly stole it and reposted! Had I paused for just ONE moment, I would have realized that the quote was a half-baked, cockamamy invention by someone who is probably laughing at me still. 

Not Oscar Wilde

Can you guess what's wrong with this quote? I'll give you a hint, Wilde died in 1900. 

As soon as I was called out, my mind's eye flashed to the scene in Four Weddings and a Funeral when Gareth was mocking the Americans. American wedding goer asks: Do you actually know Oscar Wilde? Gareth replies: Not personally, no. But I know someone who can get you his fax number. Shall we dance? 

My favorite misquotes are attributed to Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe never said... Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring. Now that you've been informed, please feel free to remove this stupid quote from you Twitter and Instagram bio now. See a list of famous quotes that are attributed to the wrong person here.

Every hero has a flaw.  
I have noticed that young women consistently glorify tragedy. They idolize women who were beautiful but deeply flawed. These women are almost always quoted about LOVE and leading a strong life - which is the opposite of what their lives were in actuality. 

Marilyn Monroe may be someone to admire for a number of different reasons but certainly not for her ability to carry on a relationship, or her life choices. The same goes for Coco Chanel, who spent most of her life as a mistress or courtesan, was addicted to morphine and died alone. Yet so many young women identify with these icons through their (supposed) quotes. 

In my opinion, the worst love / breakup / moving on quote ever is one that is attributed to Liz Taylor. Do the people who pin this on Pinterest or share on Instagram know anything about Elizabeth Taylor? 

Liz Taylor Pull Yourself Together

Elizabeth Taylor struggled her entire life and was never able to pull herself together. She was married 8 times starting with Nicky Hilton (Conrad Jr.) and ending with a man she met at the Betty Ford Clinic and married at Neverland. Yes, that Neverland - Michael Jackson's ranch. In addition to her very sad personal relationships, she was addicted to pain killers for more than 35 years, she was in rehab twice for alcohol and drug addiction, and was hospitalized more than 70 times in her lifetime. 

Liz Taylor was a gorgeous woman, she was a great actress, and she was a survivor. But she led a horribly tragic life and should not be the person that anyone looks to for advice about moving on. Instead, maybe lay off the booze, put away the lipstick and seek the advice of someone a tad more qualified. But mostly, it is important to understand that we are not created to always be happy - sadness isn't a bad thing, we are human and we are supposed to feel. 

As I was writing this post, I found a short article about Heros and their Flaws by Jeff Goins that's worth a read if you want more insight into this sort of thing. He talks about why heros with flaws resonate with us. And as for happiness, I really liked Hugh McKay's perspective  - whether he said it or not, I believe this theory. We should not be afraid of sadness, and we should not always be seeking happiness, but instead we should desire wholeness. That's what I strive for, I desire a life that is filled with experiences that make me whole - and that includes sadness, loss, death, anger, and happiness too. 

Ladies, here is my plea: find better women to idolize. 

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Help! I Need a New Blog Header

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Look up 👆 and you'll notice that my header image is gone. I'm naked and need a new look for my blog!! 

A few weeks ago I decided to try to design my own header to update the look of my blog. It was a miserable attempt because anything I create looks like it was done in MS Paint. I tried to reinstall the old image but apparently that failed too. 

My old header was created by and it served me well. But now it is gone, so what's next?

Time to Raise the Bar! 
I've decided to pull the trigger on a whole new look for the blog! It will always remain a blogger blog (so long as they keep it around) but I want a new layout & design. I may even extend it from there and get stationery and other goodies. (Think of it as "personal branding" but not the a-hole kind, the fun and playful kind of personal branding). 

I am ready for new header art! So if you (or anyone you know) are a graphic designer and would like to create one for me (paid of course), leave a comment with a link to your work and let me know how to reach you! 

You can also tweet me @leyla_a 
Find me on G+ +leyla arsan
Or email me (look on the right column)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Paragliding in Cape Town - Video Post

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Paragliding in Cape Town 

Floating over Camp's Bay for a few minutes before coming in for the landing! 

Sorry - the embed functionality here blows!

On my family trip to South Africa, I went paragliding with Fly Cape Town (read full post here) and was able to purchase the GoPro pics from the jump. I did not realize until much later that there was a VIDEO on the SD card too!

Here you have it, the last minute of my paragliding experience and our landing in Camp's Bay! You can't hear much but at one point I do say, "That's SO cool!" which it most certainly was!  

Read More:

See Pics:

Sunday, April 6, 2014

10 Things I Did This Weekend

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10 Things I Did This Weekend

My birthday was on Friday... I spent my weekend pampering myself, indulging in little luxuries and catching up with old friends.

My Cube Deocrated
my co-workers decorated my locker... I mean my cube

1. Friday morning, I woke up to this awesome birthday present -> Happy Birthday Leyla from my bro-ham +Ahmet A
2. Friday evening, I had a low key dinner at Uncle Julio's with my friend's Katie and Greg. AND I met Mallory, their brand new baby daughter (she's a twin, her sister Olivia and I have yet to be acquainted). 
3. Friday night, I watched Harold and Maude, not your typical birthday movie, it's not particularly uplifting, but it is one of my favorites. 

birthday flowers
came home to these BEAUTIFUL flowers!

happy birthday leyla
and these chocolates from my mom

4. Saturday morning, I walked over to Public Hotel and had my coffee at The Library Bar where I shopped online for a media center, organizational items and bathroom fixtures on

organized living space
what an ideal living space looks like to me - from

5. Saturday afternoon, I purchased a new scent for myself - Jo Malone Red Roses cologne. A Happy birthday present for me, from me. 

jo malone red roses cologne

6. Saturday evening, I pampered myself by indulging in a luxurious (and very relaxing) facial at Red Door Spa
7. Saturday night, I went up north to catch my old friends for a few drinks. My friend Sean was in town for a few hours and we all reverted back to our 16 year-old selves - consumed an abundance of bourbon at Delilah's and ate deep dish pizza in an old man bar. I also made a short flipagram of - One Night in Chicago.  

i was begging adam to hurry up and take the photo because it was getting awkward

8. Sunday morning, I laid around fighting a hangover and then I ran some errands - framed a photo I purchased on my last trip (read my travel posts) and FINALLY got my cell phone situation worked out. 

9. Sunday afternoon, I headed to Carter & Jason birthday brunch and had a few laughs with a number of old friends. Running into old friends is always unexpected delight.  

10. Sunday night, I had dinner with my mom and then came home to watch The Idiot Abroad. Perfect ending to a birthday weekend. 

River Wishing Leyla a Happy Birthday

Thanks River! I miss you :) 

Older Birthday Posts: 

I skipped my birthday post last year (first time since I started writing this blog in 2009). It is rare that I don't celebrate my birthday, but last year was the worst birthday I've ever had and this little footnote is a reminder to myself and others that things change for the better if you let them!