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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Help! I Need a New Blog Header

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Look up 👆 and you'll notice that my header image is gone. I'm naked and need a new look for my blog!! 

A few weeks ago I decided to try to design my own header to update the look of my blog. It was a miserable attempt because anything I create looks like it was done in MS Paint. I tried to reinstall the old image but apparently that failed too. 

My old header was created by and it served me well. But now it is gone, so what's next?

Time to Raise the Bar! 
I've decided to pull the trigger on a whole new look for the blog! It will always remain a blogger blog (so long as they keep it around) but I want a new layout & design. I may even extend it from there and get stationery and other goodies. (Think of it as "personal branding" but not the a-hole kind, the fun and playful kind of personal branding). 

I am ready for new header art! So if you (or anyone you know) are a graphic designer and would like to create one for me (paid of course), leave a comment with a link to your work and let me know how to reach you! 

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