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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Nothing Beats Summer in Chicago

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I try to enjoy summer in Chicago as much as humanly possible, so I took a few days off last week. 

My friend Jen was in town, we planned a day at Six Flags and the rest of the weekend was dedicated to enjoying the beautiful weather. Because if you live here, you know, nothing beats a summer in Chicago

An Ordinary Thursday in July

Not bad for my first #Jumpstagram. 
Many followed after this one, we had to ask (and coach) 14 year old kids to take our photos.

When in Rome, you behave like a civilized human being. 
When in Gurnee, you pose for stupid pictures with a larger than life chicken.

Jen and I first started going to Great America together when we were in our 20s. 
Now Jen lives in Houston.

I met Jen at J. Brown and Associates, an ad agency in Chicago (now called something else). When I was laid off in 2002, Jen called in sick the next day and we went to Great America. That's how the tradition started! 

Marigold Madness Six Flags Great America
Marigold Madness!

I will tell you my favorite story about Jen. She was once overheard saying "a monkey could do my job" in the cafeteria of the agency she worked for, the following week she was fired. No need to tell you, Jen no longer works in the agency world. Good for Jen! 

An Ordinary Friday in July 

Veggie Hash and Hot Sauce
Breakfast at 3rd Coast Cafe

I eat the same thing every weekend - a double expresso and the veggie hash with two eggs over easy and hot sauce. I never finish the whole thing, it's my thing. If I'm feeling adventurous, I'll get a short stack of blueberry pancakes, but only if the moment strikes me. 

Swimming Pool Chicago
I live in a building with a pool, I have no regrets. At least none related to the pool.

Whenever someone says, "I have no regrets!" I think to myself... how boring your life must be, I have plenty and hope to have a few more. If you have no regrets, it means you're not taking enough risks. By all means, have some regrets.

Gold Coast Chicago
My walk home on Friday night after drinks with Chanthana on the patio at NoMi
Photo editing was automatically done for me in Google Plus

An Ordinary Sunday in Chicago 

Chicago Lake Front Path
I went paddle boarding at SUPChicago on North Avenue Beach
This picture is just of the lake front path.

Paddle boarding was fantastic. I was nervous at first but it turned out to be much easier than I had anticipated. I paddled north from North Avenue, went past Fullerton and back. I got cocky at the end, a tiny wave hit, and in a split second I found myself hitting the water in the most ungraceful manner. I wish someone had taken a photo of that so I could share it. Next time I am taking a GoPro.

Lake Shore Drive - Summer in Chicago
Lake Shore Drive on a hot summer night.
Photo edited via Google Plus Auto Awesome.

The end to a beautiful summer weekend in Chicago. Until next week! 

Here is what I'd like to do this summer: Visit National Parks and Give Back
Here is what I did last summer: Visit Glacier National Park (Part 1) 

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