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Friday, September 26, 2014

Rays of Beaming Love

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My day started with a morning heartbreak 

and ended with rays of beaming love 

How I Started My Day 
On my way into work this morning, the bus stopped at a red light and I found myself staring off into space. Well, not space but Michigan Avenue. My eyes locked on a young couple talking to each other, it looked normal at first and then I realized they were arguing.

I studied their faces, there was no anger on her face, she was certain. I looked closer and noticed that he was crying. I watched for a few more seconds, but then the guy's lip started to quiver and his eyes began to squint - he was going into full sob mode. I had to look away, it was too sad. 

How I Ended My Day
After work today I headed over to Willis Tower for Social Media Week, the SMC panel and after-party. The panel ended as the sun started to set and we headed to the other side of the room for the party. The views of the city from the 82nd floor were stunning, and everyone was pressed themselves up against the windows with their cellular device in hand to get shots of the sunset. 

I moved over to the east side of the room to snap the skyline against the lake, when I turned back around I saw a young couple sitting to my right. There was a strong energy between them, I can't say for certain whether or not they were together, but I felt a connection. With the beaming sunlight behind them, they were two silhouettes and the flickering rays between them looked like flames. I stood about 10 feet from them and openly took three or four photos, I planned to show them the photos but they never even saw me. 

When I looked at the images of the couple, I decided not to say anything at all. I liked the thought of them remaining as anonymous as they had been in that busy room filled with social media types. 

I'm Ending My Night With Love Too... 
So, I'm not too big on books or reading, which is a sad truth, but over the past few years I've stumbled onto some beautiful love stories and poems from Arab writers. Let's end with something I found on Tumblr (it's where I go to satiate my inner-emo teen self). 

The poem below is by Nizar Qabbani - a Syrian writer of Turkish origin. The suicide of his sister had a profound impact on his life and work, he spent five decades paying fervent homage to woman's grace and loveliness.
Had I told the sea
What I felt for you, 
It would have left its shores, 
Its shells, 
Its fish, 
And followed me 

P.S. that's from Tumblr so I can't be certain it is accurate but you can buy the book and learn for yourself - On Entering the Sea: The Erotic and Other Poetry of Nizar Qabbani (Poetry Series)

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