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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rocket Man Dramatic Reading

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William Shatner's Interpretive Reading of Rocket Man 

Best thing ever! I knew Shatner was funny, but not this funny! 

Rocket Man - Californication 

I watched all seven seasons of Californication over the past few weeks where many episodes had an Elton John song in there somewhere. Mostly Rocket Man and Tiny Dancer. Which is why I have had Elton John on the brain (and Warren Zevon but that's not what this is about). 

Last night, I watched the final episode of Californication went to bed. To keep the dream alive, I decided to play Elton John as I fell asleep. I think I was listening to Tiny Dancer, and I tweeted out the link from Spotify, but then my friend Carlos tweeted back with a link to this William Shatner video. 

I was out cold but I forced my eyes open because I had to watch it. I was laughing in my sleep. I woke up this morning and watched it again, I simply can't get enough of it. 

I also have a really good story about Tiny Dancer that I can't tell here, but if you ask me about it, I will tell you. It's funny because the song used to mean one thing to me.... and now it means something else, something very different. 

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