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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I'm Really Into Clowns Right Now

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Maybe it's because of American Horror Story, maybe it's because it's a great excuse to be a jerk... But I am really into clowns right now!

Help me decide which costume I should choose for Halloween by leaving a comment - please! 

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I think the word sexy is open for interpretation
and the Jumbo Foam Red Clown Nose is sold separately (but necessary)

Sexy Tutu Lulu Clown Costume (with neon tutu)
because I used to be @luluinatutu on Twitter (how weird is that?!)
Clown Horn would be a perfectly annoying accessory for this costume

Or, I could always go as a Corpse Bride
after all... it is hard to break away from what feels so natural
maybe my friend Kate Stransky could help me

Make any costume spookier with these vampire contact lenses!
These spooky lenses would work well with whatever I choose... don't you think? 
LeStat Contact Lenses (go here and use promo code HALLOWEEN10)

Otherwise... I always have the old ZENTAI SUIT!
because this is normal 

Flag Pattern Latex Unisex Catsuits & Zentai Inflatable Hood

Black and White Tuxedo Lycra Spandex Zentai Morph Suit

More Halloween Inspiration HERE: 

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