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Sunday, December 28, 2014

12 Days in Italy... With My Mom (Part 1)

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I am traveling through Italy with my mother for 12 days: Milan - Venice - Florence - Rome. 

If you do not normally read my blog, you might want to follow along for these series of posts from our trip. Not sure how candid I can get (she reads my blog a when it pops into her Facebook feed) but I am going to bank on her being preoccupied and reveal as much as possible. 

 Leyla (age 2) Already trying to escape

I corrected it 10X and I can not stop it from taking over! It's also adding capital letters for no reason! 

Backstory on our trip 
You may already know, but I like to travel - a lot . I used to travel alone (mostly), but more recently I have been taking family trips. Last year, my dad planned a family trip, shortly thereafter, my mom started to jump on the "family trip" bandwagon - "When are you taking me somewhere ..." So that is why we are currently in Italy. 

Originally, my mother and I were supposed to visit Iceland and Norway because I wanted to see the Northern Lights (a dream of mine). As I started to plan the Northern Lights trip, I got the sense That my mom was not really up for buying a snowsuit and heading up to the arctic circle in a ferry boat. And I was not really up for snuggling up with her ​​in the freezing cold while others (more than likely couples) cuddled underneath the fantastical skies and gazed at each in wonderment. I also knew that she probably would not want to hang out in the  Reykjavik nightlife scenes with me, so the itinerary shifted to something we could both enjoy. 

Departing for Italy 
My dad found us a really good rate (he owns in travel agency ) on Emirates flying out of JFK. Even after we bought our round-trip tickets from Chicago to NYC, we ended up saving about $ 500 per person on airfare. Not to mention we were flying on to much better airline than any of the other options departing for Italy from Chicago at Christmas time. I found all of our hotels and apartments (AirBNB - so far, so good, I'll keep you posted).

our loft in Milan

Since this is the first post, I will just get right to the point ... besides, I am still jet-lagged and I think We Both ate something bad yesterday. Either That or we are coming down with the stomach Both flu (Which would suck). 

Look at some photos first and then read on ... 

approaching the Duomo in Milan

 and there it is in all it's glory!
if there is a "Selfie-mecca" this place is it

Noteworthy things that happened on our Italy trip, so far... 
  1. When we were checking into our Southwest flight, the counter agent asked my mom if she wanted to sign up for Rapid Rewards and she replied, "Can I use them on United ? " 
  2. We had Christmas dinner in a diner at JFK, I had a burger, she had a Rueben and we both had light beers.
  3. On our flight to Italy, while the flight attendants tried to serve 300 people breakfast, my mom insisted That they bring her tea Because she can not eat her breakfast without her tea . Although the whole food service and beverage service concept was lost on my mom , the flight attendant was kind enough to go get my mom her tea. 
  4. Our first full day in Italy (Milan), it snowed. My mother pulls out her umbrella and puts on her sunglasses, she turns to me and says, " Put on your sunglasses, your mascara will not run . " 
  5. The tea saga went on well into days 1 and 2 of our time in Italy. She can not stand the "smelly" tea here and can not Seem to get a decent cup of tea. My response , "If you were so Concerned about your tea, you should've brought` some with you. " 
  6. Sitting in the bar having drinks my mother got a whiff of something pleasant and her immediate reaction, " Do you smell that? It smells wonderful ... is it me ? " My response , "WHO ARE YOU?" Who picks up a pleasant scent and automatically Assumes That they might be the one who is magically emitting this aroma? 
  7. Last night after dinner, she asked where the closest grocery store was located and the next thing I Knew, the manager was Bringing my mom eggs to take home so she could make breakfast in the morning. Two eggs went right into her purse and I had eggs for breakfast this morning. 

More photos of Milan for your viewing pleasure! 

 Cathedral fron the Aperitif

my artsy version of the Duomo from the Aperol Terrace bar 

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II 

the cathedral this afternoon a when it was sunny and beautiful 
like how the framed it with the Christmas tree & cut out all the people but forgot to crop the M for Metro?

Montenapoleone (that's the Cartier store in the red package)

Stay tuned for more of my Italy posts! And follow along on social: 

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