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Friday, December 19, 2014

5 Question Friday with Sara Altier

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5 Question Friday - the long awaited edition!

This is where I ask friends and interesting strangers to answer the same 5 questions and it happens on Fridays. However, it has been a while since I posted a 5 Question Friday, and my friend Sara was kind enough to write one back in October, so today we have a very special edition of 5 Question Friday -- the long awaited Pre-Holiday Sara Edition. 

The lovely Sara Altier

Sara Altier (in her own words)
I am on the Communications Team at Eventbrite, a self-service ticketing company based in San Francisco. I live in the Mission with my pug, Eleanor Roosevelt, but I fantasize daily about moving back to the Windy City. Leyla and I met when I was working for Eventbrite in Chicago because she was a power user and had used our platform for a social media scavenger hunt. I think I saw her tweet something about whiskey early on, so I liked her right away.

Sara Altier (in my words)
I too liked Sara right away... but I'm pretty sure we met shortly before the scavenger hunt days via the social media world and then IRL. I liked Sara because she was a tireless professional, a fantastic ambassador for her company, and she was tremendously helpful to me and to many others. In addition to her affinity for the king of brown spirits, bourbon, I thought Sara was quick-witted, a joy to be around and a great friend. 

Sara and Leyla
Sara Altier (and me) at my birthday party in 2012

1. What defines you? (Be descriptive, is it your job, family, a certain skill or talent you may have?) 

A few years ago I had this 'LIFE OF YES!' stage where I ran a marathon, moved across the country in a minivan, did improv in front of 800 people, went to a million events, and never said no to anyone. I always felt this pressure to be 'doing more!!1!' It was fun, sometimes ... but it was just totally exhausting and I was constantly stressed. After realizing how burnt out I was, I adopted a new mantra, a life of 'Ehhhm, no thanks!', which is not to say I don't do anything and never step outside of my comfort zone -- but I'm much better with boundaries now. I realized that it's ok not to take every coffee meeting and ok to spend the night in. Once I realized that it was ok to say no, I became a much happier person.

2. What song that energizes you when you are looking for motivation? (maybe it is more than one depending on what you need to get motivated for)

Two years ago I ran the Chicago Marathon (with bronchitis) and just about died at mile 18, so I played the following three songs on repeat for the last 8 miles. I crossed the finish line and I'm not dead, so you can make any assumptions you'd like about these song choices (or my taste in music in general).

  1. Only the Horses, Scissor Sisters
  2. Run Around, Blues Traveler
  3. Without Love, Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes 

3. If you were to show up to a potluck, what would you bring? (and why? And what kind of potluck is this?) 

I always make the same salad for dinner parties, and I stole the recipe from my friend Danielle, so I can't even take any credit for it. It's arugula, quinoa, butternut squash, and whatever other odds and ends I have in my fridge. I like bringing salads to potlucks because salads imply: I'm invested in this event because I didn't just bring a bottle of wine, but I also didn't spend all day in the kitchen, because, like, I'm a busy person who still hasn't read the manual on how to operate her oven.

4. Describe your perfect day. 

I would get up in time for my favorite instructor's class at Barry's Bootcamp in San Francisco (hi, Erica!). Then I'd meet all of my best friends for brunch at Lula Cafe in Chicago, wander around the Tate and Brick Lane Market in London with my pug, go catch a show in NYC (I am dying to see a Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder) and be back in my bed with freshly laundered sheets by 10pm.

5. What would you do if you won $1 million in the lottery? What would you do if you won $100 million? 

I'd probably buy my own place (back in Chicago), take my family on a crazy vacation, help Ray of Light Theatre get their own performance space in San Francisco, and donate the rest to various causes I care about. $100 million? Pretty much the same.

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