Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: 12 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Now!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

12 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow Now!

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12 must-follow Instagram accounts hand-selected by a social media expert! 

Don't let the bullshit title of this post diminish the value of what you are about to discover. 

My Favorite Instagramer 
Or Instagrammer (people argue over the "M" - I say two, but most say one). My absolute favorite Instagramer is... @leylaruinseverything - ME. Thought I'd get this out of the way first instead of sneaking it in like a jerk.

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What makes me an expert? Or just skip this nonsense and scroll down to the "must follow" Instagram accounts

The title of this blog post was intended as a joke, but I do plan and execute global digital / social media plans for large companies. In layman's terms, I say something like, "You should do this on Facebook (or Instagram or Twitter)" to paint a certain picture or tell a story in a different way. And then they say, "Ok, let's do it" and then we figure out how.

Although I am quite good at my job, I believe that self-proclaimed experts are usually anything but that and titles are useless. Happiness is all that matters, and I find that often comes in the form of currency and always comes in the form of vacation time.

DISCLAIMER: What I share in this post has nothing to do with my job or anything related to it. Below are a handful of my personal favorite Instagram accounts, they were selected only because the photos make me smile when they pop up in my stream. Nothing more, nothing less.

What I like and dislike about Instagramers (in general) 
  • I do like individuals who are creative, fun and show a sense of adventure 
  • I do like photos that are playful and / or colorful - even if they're contrived
  • I do like people who engage and write back when you comment 
  • I do like it when people mix it up and show me something new 
  • I don't like to see the same style of photo or shot all the time, I find it terribly boring
  • I don't like fashion bloggers, I think they look the same, like a one-trick pony 
  • I don't like over-stylized, artistic urban shots or redundant architectural close-ups

Parents and Family 

Famewhore -- god I love Famewhore. I don't know why his title is Famewhore, he mostly photographs his twin daughters! He takes amazing photos and he showcases his daughters in such a way that he makes me *almost* want kids. No one has ever been able to do this before him! Kudos Famewhore, kudos.
A photo posted by Famewhore (@famewhore) on

Terrapin Stationers -- Ted Harrington, the inspiration behind "Leyla after 5:00", you'd have to work with me to understand that one. Few men have said the word "fuck" as much as this guy, and no one as eloquently.
A photo posted by Ted Harrington (@terrapinstationers) on

Government and Regulation

US Interior -- It's all about nature and I am not a huge lover of nature, or the outdoors, but this works! Last year I visited my first National Park and fell in love with this outdoorsy crap. Whether you're into granola or not, it is undeniable that the U.S. Dept. of Interior does an amazing job of managing their Instagram handle -- not to mention the fact that they are one of the MOST important gov't institutions!

The TSA -- absolutely hysterical. I'm not sure who is behind this, but forget the images, the copy is genius... and clearly not written by the actual TSA.

Hot and Sexy!

Immodesty Blaize -- most days, I feel exactly like this. I may have unkempt hair, mis-matched undergarments and sit in a cubical, but in my mind's eye I'm drinking a cocktail in stilettos wishing everyone could look as good as me. Not sure what, but there is something about Immodesty Blaize that makes me believe I too could pull off a turban and a feather boa... but I guess that's her charm.

Ben Toub -- who is Ben Toub? I don't know... but he's HOT! He's always hopping on private planes with Karl Lagerfeld and hanging out with the Courtin sisters. I think he might be a former model and/or a body guard and/or married to someone rich - or all of the above. Does it matter? He's Ben Toub.

Ladies and Gentlemen 

The Lady Gatsby -- I don't know who she is, where she's from or what she does... and I hope she doesn't get mad I posted about her because I didn't get permission! I love her photos and her outlook on life - she's a capitalist, a nostalgist an eternal expat who loves F. Scott Fitzgerald and I secretly want to be her.
A photo posted by Kimberley Tait (@theladygatsby) on

Lucy Will Show You -- London based designer who had me captivated when I saw her featured in the Globetrotter feed! It was summer, she was in France on holiday, I started following her and I've since lived happily ever after vicariously through her experiences.

A photo posted by LucyWillShowYou (@lucywillshowyou) on

Jim Binder -- a man of great taste and style. More importantly, he knows his booze and his rock and roll.

A photo posted by Jim Binder (@jimbinder) on

Classics and Chicagoans 

SeanMac60 -- he likes beer, art and Chicago that's all I know. I've never met him, I have no clue how and where I started following him but his photos are awesome. I love that he doesn't worry about consistency, if he wants to share a photo of himself enjoying a beer, he does. If he wants to show a photo of a great piece of art, he does. If he wants to show a pretty flower in bloom, he does! And that's how I like it.

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Sarah Lauch -- there is no greater friend to dogs (pitbulls in particular) than Sarah. Aside from her busy professional life, where she works as a sports producer, Sarah is in relentless pursuit of a better life for stray dogs in Chicago. I know many animal lovers but I've never known anyone who puts their money where their mouth is like Sarah. Although we've never met, when my brother lost his dog (a pitbull), Sarah did as much as a close friend or family member would to help us get our dog back. The effort she puts forth on a daily basis to save the lives of animals is unbelievable. She is truly a special person with a heart made of kibbles and bits.

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