Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: Leyla's Weekend In Review (in pictures + 1 gif)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Leyla's Weekend In Review (in pictures + 1 gif)

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Let's take a quick look back at my long weekend and the pictures - and one gif. 

And then we'll rest for a few days until my birthday week starts at the end of next week. Then we can start the marathon all over again. 

#LeylaFace Goes to Iceland

I went to Iceland with my friends... well, I didn't really go to Iceland, I was supposed to go to Iceland but I screwed up and only my face made it to Iceland. 
Check out #leylaface on Instagram to follow my face in Iceland.

Thursday Night - Welcome Leyla! 

Friday was our annual #ZenoDayofPlay so I decided to stay at the Loews downtown. I checked in on Thursday night so I could order room service and lay around in bed on Friday. 

My bathroom selfie

Actual Leyla wanted to treat herself a little because she was sad that she was not in Reykjavik eating whale, drinking Jack Daniels milk shakes and listening to Sigur Ros (I think there's actually and Eve fest going on right now so maybe I'd be listening to a lot of Eve). 

Giant comfy bed in my ginormous room! 

Don't you just want to jump right in? 

My living room

I wish this was my apartment and not just my hotel room. 

Meet You in Hell

I actually read a book (and not my phone) while lying on that big fluffy couch. Nothing gets me going like a good fight between the super rich - I picked this up on my recent trip to NYC, when I visited the Frick Collection.

Champagne for breakfast

Room service! My favorite quote from the movie Doc Holliday is when Wyatt Earp asks Josephine what she wants out of life, or her idea of a perfect life and she replies, "room service!" She later says something along the lines of, "I'm a woman and I like men, if that doesn't make me a lady then fine..." I think I might've liked Josephine Earp.

Cocktails for lunch

Burgers and beer for dinner

This was the longest Friday ever, I think. I also think it was pretty boozy. My friend Mark works at the new Burger Bar on South Michigan Avenue and I went to visit him a friend (who may wish to remain anonymous, or not, but I'll leave that up to his/her discretion, besides it sounds so much more mysterious this way). 

Worldwide Instameet 11 at Threadless

Finally, it's Saturday! A few of my co-workers and I went to #WWIM11 at Threadless in Chicago - an Instagram Instameet (or photo meet up followed by a photo walk). 

I am looking quite serious here

Chicken in Action

Check out my #autoawesome moves! I put a chicken costume on and played some ping pong at Threadless. Why? Why the hell not!?

Threadless Instameet
#WWIM11 at Threadless

Getting ready to take our group pic outside the building. 

IGERSChicago Instameet
Maggie Daley Park

Here is one of my photos from the photo walk -- we headed down to Maggie Daley Park. You can see more of my photos on IG, I'm @Leylaruinseveryting 

Serious Conversation with a Chicken
Chicken having a totally normal conversation

I needed to get one more look at the chicken before we move on from Saturday and onto Sunday.  

Sunday was rough but Kate helped me out

It was long weekend and I didn't feel like doing much, so I stayed in bed as long as I could. I found this awesome photo of Kate Moss. 

Wayne Coyne naked with balloons
I need a real hobby

While I was busy doing a whole lotta nothin' on Sunday, I was also busy making weird photo edits on my phone of already weird photos taken by Wayne Coyne - like this naked selfie (he's skinny). I think it took me about 30 minutes to make this using four different photo apps. I need to find more constructive things to do with my time.... until then, keep a look out for more Wayne Coyne edits, he's really easy to have fun with.

That's it for now! See you next week with more weird updates and Wayne Coyne photo edits. Until then, you'll find me on IG and Twitter

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