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Sunday, March 29, 2015

That's a Wrap... The Weekend in Review with Pictures

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Here we are again, Sunday night - so let's review Leyla's weekend in photos... no gif and 2 collages.

Monica came into town for my pre-birthday celebration and we had a whirlwind weekend (sort of like last weekend).

Took Friday afternoon off to visit some of our favorite spots

Friday starting at 4PM
Started at Lush on Chicago Avenue wit a bottle of Chardonnay and some cheese.
While walking to our next stop, it was SO COLD that we ducked into The Charlatan for a warm up.
(By 6PM I was dehumanized after consuming the Dehumanizer at The Charlatan)
Next was Matchbox, my favorite spot, for our signature favorites - a Manhattan and a Vesper.
(Snapping strange bathroom selfies while still light out)
We didn't stop there, we went to the movies and saw that new Will Ferrell + Kevin Hart movie.
By 11PM we were in my mom's Oscar de la Renta robes, wearing face masks and enjoying a bottle champagne.

Saturday Monica went to the gym
I worked a little and organized my apartment

Duran Duran Picture Books

You're Joking Right?

Found a bunch of my old Duran Duran picture books and videos - all in mint condition, of course.
I also found the old "Behavioral Contract" a roadmap to reconciliation that he insisted we create and sign, that's my friend Sheila reading in shock. I should really put that thing on my blog so everyone gets a good laugh. 
Also went shopping on Saturday afternoon and I bought a really pretty Sandro dress.

Saturday Night

Leyla's Birthday Dinner #1

Happy (early) Birthday Leyla! 
That's my new dress. 
Monica and I had dinner at TWO on Grand Avenue

Leyla A. Harry's Velvet Room
After dinner we went to Harry's Velvet Room for a nightcap. 
(P.S., I worked at the original when I first graduated from college)
The photo above is a demonstration of how many photos it takes to get an Instagram photo *just* right enough to edit and post.

End of the night #Leylavator 

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