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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let's Talk About Me.... Again

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You Know What My Favorite Subject Is? It's me. 

And that is what this blog is about... again, me. Why do I write it? Because I can. Why do you read it? Because you navigated here by chance or accident. But as long as you are here, let's take a tour of Leyla, shall we? Scroll down.

1. I like to show off the cool stuff I do, like paragliding off Table Mountain in South Africa 

2. I like to show off how tough I can be, like going to Exit (even though I'm over 40) with my friend Traci

3. I like to show off how good I can take pictures of myself, particularly when I'm not-so-sober 

4. I like to show off how awesome I look in hats, especially when I was young and worked out a lot (I think I could have been internet famous in my 20s if there was such thing as "internet famous" back then, being famous in real life is much harder)

5. I like to show off with pictures of guys that only Howard Stern superfans will get, this is also me showing off one of the best days of my life (visiting the Stern Show studios), man 2010 was a good year! 

6. I like to show off how natural I look in an elevator, and another awesome hat, and how good I am at taking pictures of myself - I guess I am a multi-tasker after all 

7. I like to show off that I am the spawn of satan, just kidding, I'm just the spawn of Gene Simmons... but I was a really cool baby, evil and cool 

Leyla A as an evil baby

8. I like to show off the various faces I make when I get uncomfortable, which is anytime someone is taking my picture (probably why I choose to take it myself all the time)... but I didn't make this, Google Plus did via Auto-Awesome

Would you like to know why I really wrote this post? 
As someone who works in "digital engagement" I have to look for bloggers day-in and day-out, most of the time I think they all look the same. I can't tell one from the next, they're so formulaic. It's like they went to blogger school and when they graduated they all popped out in some faded color and off into the distance. 

I was looking through the blogs of these young, trendy Chicago "influencers" for lack of a better word, and I thought, "Man, it must be SO BORING to post this stuff everyday". All the photos look the same, all the topics are the same, same, same, same, same - it's like a bad sorority pledge party. And then I thought to myself, THANK GOD I can come here and write what I want, when I want, about whatever I want. I don't have any guidelines or calendars, I can say what I want, however stupid it may be, but most of all, I can be myself, and no one can tell me to edit a single line... and that feels awesome. And I hope that is why you stayed.  

fashionable in florence
This is how I'd have to pose all the time if I were a fashion blogger
I'd feel like such a jerk, who stands there like this?!

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