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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Venice Beach, I'm Going to Venice Beach

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I'm traveling to LA this June for a week! 

And I'm staying in Beverly Hills (I think) and then Venice. It will be the first time I've been to Venice since... probably since before some of you could walk! 

leyla goes to LA
Yes, I will be visiting the skate park in Venice
Photo courtesy of 1 Day in LA

This is the awesome AirBNB where I will be staying... 

Venice Beach Walk Street 1B + Bikes in Venice

House in Venice, United States. Our newly renovated back house on the famous VENICE WALK STREETS, is perfect for experiencing one of the most exclusive and interesting residential areas of LA whilst being blocks away from the world famous Venice Beach. Come and live like a loca... View all listings in Venice

Why are you going to LA, Leyla? 

Since you asked, I'm heading out to Los Angeles for work, and I am also looking forward to that, but then I'm taking the rest of the week off and I'm renting a tiny place in Venice. The place is less than a mile from the beach and I can use their bikes to get to the beach and back.

I haven't been to Venice since I visited my ex-boyfriend from college with my then BFF & partner in crime, Jen. We were still smokers at the time and we were SHOCKED that you couldn't smoke in bars in LA. We stayed at the Mondrian for a few nights, where I assaulted Tommy Lee (for real) and she partied with Arabs, and then we stayed with Jeff in Venice for a night or two. But back then, Venice was not that safe, which is probably how I'd prefer it.

What will you do in LA, Leyla? 

Since you asked, I'm going to do a whole lotta nothin! Work will be fun because it is a media event, and then I will sit poolside catching up on emails at the hotel for the remainder of the afternoon (when we're finished working). I plan to take a drive through Laurel Canyon and go to the few places that were recommended by friends. I will visit a few friends, much like NY, I have more friends in LA than I do in Chicago -- I could move to either coast and never think twice about what to do but can't find a single thing to do in Chicago. All my friends have either moved to the suburbs or to LA or NY... here I am stuck in the middle.

Leyla Paddleboarding in LA
This is going to be me (but I don't know that other person)
Photo courtesy of Costa Rica Surf and SUP

I will go where the day takes me. And then, I will chill out in my apartment. I will ride my bike to the beach. I will walk around. I will GO PADDLEBOARDING!

I cannot wait to spend seven days in Los Angeles. Follow me there.. and everywhere: 

Read more about my LUV for SUP: 

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