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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Scheduled Sunsets for Modern Nomads

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La Pause lodge located just outside Marrakech is a modern nomad's paradise. 

Scheduling in time for a champagne toast at sunset is a top activity at this desert oasis!

Veuve Cliquot at sunset in Marrakech
Celebrating and Remembering at La Pause

Arriving at La Pause - Marrakech 
The day after we arrived in Morocco, we checked out of Dar Karma, the riad where we stayed for one night, and traveled approximately 30 kilometers outside of Marrakech to an eco-lodge in the stone desert called La Pause. I wasn't quite sure what to expect from this little gravel getaway because my friend Traci planned every last excursion on this trip, along with the hotels and flights. I knew little about Morocco and absolutely nothing about La Pause - it was sure to be an adventure but you'll have to read on and find out for yourself. 

La Pause Eco-lodge Desert Oasis
La Pause Lodge in Marrakech
Stone desert retreat about 40 minutes from the old city

We arranged for transportation with the La Pause and departed from Dar Karma in the afternoon. It was a short and easy drive, approximately 30-45 mins from the old city. Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff who assisted us with our luggage and helped us get acquainted with our luxurious, yet rustic, accommodations. 

Arrival at La Pause desert lodge
Arriving at La Pause
The staff kindly carried our oversized bags up the gravel road to the main lodge

La Pause Desert Lodge
Our Private Lodge (or pise de terre) at La Pause
No electricity means no air conditioning and only candle light at night

We walked into our lodge and our eyes lit up. The tiny adobe-esque house felt primitive enough where we could allow our imaginations to run wild and picture how the Berbers of yesteryear must've lived - if the Berber's of yesteryear had the towels in their bathrooms artistically folded and shaped into swans each morning. 

Bathroom at La Pause desert lodge
Our Bathroom at La Pause
Beautiful stone wash basins and an open shower - not shown is a private toilet 
(in case you were wondering)

Modern Nomads
Traci and I both investigated the premises, poking around and snapping up photos, and then I came to one obvious conclusion - we had no electrical outlets. That's when Traci exclaimed, "I told you, there is no electricity!" I did not recall her ever saying this and I was not convinced, surely there had to be electricity in our gorgeous lodge. It was not until we returned to our room late that night, and had to light 100,000 candles to see our hands in front of our faces, that I FINALLY got it - we had no electricity - for real. 

Leyla relaxing at the desert lodge la pause marrakech
Candlelit Room at La Pause
Modern nomad in the moonlight (with glowing eggs on loan from the staff at La Pause)

You won't find a lobby at La Pause, just a main common area with wicker chairs, tables and pillows for relaxing and possibly having a snack or aperitif. In case you are wondering, there is no electricity OR wifi in the common area. All of the common areas are outdoors, there's no place to plug anything in, and as for wifi, believe me you, I searched for a wifi signal and if I cannot find internet it means there is no internet. 

Common Areas at La Pause
Sit down and make a friend, have a cold drink or star gaze

We stood in the open air until we were greeted by a casual but pleasant man who smiled in our direction, he seemed to know who we were and why we were there. The man introduced himself as Mustafa, he extended his hand to shake mine, his welcoming demeanor was unusual in all the best ways, his warmth was unlike that of others, a sort of hospitality I had not experienced in other places. I suddenly knew I had come to the right place. 

Oddly, I feel like I'm describing The Hotel California... (and btw, I've been there too)

Scheduled Sunsets
Traci asked Mustafa about our schedule but he appeared slightly puzzled by the question. I later realized that his confusion was derived from the use of the word "schedule". There wasn't a schedule or an agenda, everything was at our leisure and we were not required to do anything but relax and enjoy the beautiful grounds. Mustafa confirmed that we were to have a camel ride just before sundown, about 5:30 or 6PM, the camel would wait for us. Afterwards, we would enjoy an aperitif up on a high point while we watched the sun go down and come back down for dinner. 

Camel Rides at Sunset in Morocco
Jacob my Camel at La Pause
We rode these bad boys into the sunset

 Camel Rides at La Pause
If you want to go fast, go alone... if you want to go far, go together...
Whatever the objective, don't take a camel because you'll do neither 

For someone who has spent a lifetime planning every minute of every day (that would be me), scheduling the workday with meetings, conference calls and other "important" things, I felt uncomfortable or slightly panicked at the thought of doing nothing. I've been known to say, "I hate to relax" -- I prefer the chaos of a busy life and I most certainly cannot recall a time where a plan was devised to simply watch the sun go down. But why? Watching sunrises and sunsets should take precedence over early morning conference calls and late evening emails! I hope my future holds more scheduled time to watch the sun come up and go down (fingers crossed).

Watching the sunrise at La Pause
Morning Hike at La Pause
My last morning at the desert camp - I woke up, hiked the tallest hill and stayed for a while

Not Done Yet! 
La Pause is a paradise for someone who wants to "rough it' but couldn't possibly survive for 10 seconds without someone accommodating to her every whim…. in other words, someone just like me - a "modern nomad". I can easily say that La Pause exceeded any and all expectations I could've set and I'm certain I will dream about this place each time I close my eyes for a very long time.

Don't think this is the last you'll be reading about La Pause, there's so much more! I have the most amazing photos, it would be a waste if I didn't post them here! Plus, there are a few other activities that I did not mention yet.. so stay tuned! 

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