Sunday Morning Soliloquy - Musings of an Urbanite: What Does a 7 Minute Blog Post Look Like?

Saturday, December 5, 2015

What Does a 7 Minute Blog Post Look Like?

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I have exactly 7 minutes to write a blog post, let's see how this turns out. 

It's Saturday night, I decided to go out (rare but not terribly unusual) but I've committed to writing a blog post - I'm going to have to pull from the blog post draft archives! (P.S. I had no time to review or edit... forgive me!)

Leyla and Traci Animated

Random Photo Animation of Traci and I in Morocco
It was at the top of my photo stream.

Content Hoarder 
If you're anything like me, and I'm guessing you're not, you keep 100s or 1000s of "notes" in your phone, on your computer and probably on little tiny pieces of paper all over the place.... oh, and, you do absolutely nothing with these notes. In other words, you're a content hoarder. 

I keep 1000s of photos on my phone (20x that on Flickr and Google Photos) and I save ideas, thoughts, stories, and things I'd like to remember in handwritten notes, Apple Notes (on my phone & computer) and elsewhere -- I can't go into detail, 7 mins have already lapsed and I've only gotten started! 

Lady Cat

Random Photo - Meet Lady 
My new cat 

Night Flights = Deep Thoughts 
On my recent flight to Morocco, we flew overnight. I love overnight flights, I always think I'm going to sleep but I never do. I get introspective and I write lots of crap down, sappy crap. Below are some notes from my overnight flight back in September. 

Lambert + Stamp 
I watched this film on the flight, it was good (and I don't even like The Who but there's no time to get into that now!), this is what I noted... 
Irreverence suggests that you don't give a fuck about what was already there - Pete Townsend
They thought we were lazy dope heads, we were actually but we resented them knowing it - Richard Barnes (the art school guy) 
There were many things that we could've done and we should've done that we didn't do.... But we did enough - Chris Lambert 
They're all very good quotes. Why I did I choose them? I don't know! Let's move on.... we're at 14 minutes already and I'm resetting the timer. 

Music On My Phone
The worst thing about flying overseas - NO WIFI! Or maybe it's the best thing about flying overseas, I don't know, I'm on a timer here! Well, my phone has 1000s of photos but very little music, which you may think is odd but it's because I use Spotify and that's where everything lives! I always forget this until I board the plane and I have 10 mins to download music - which gets me about 2 songs. 

I'm always left with the same 200-300 songs that live ON my phone. With a few exceptions, they're the same songs I've had since my first generation iPod (yes, I owned the first iPod). One of the songs is from the soundtrack to the movie "I Am Sam". Here's what I wrote about that.... Now we're at 21 minutes! 

Rufus Wainwright- Across the Universe (lyrics)
Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup.... They slip away across the universe.... 
Pools of sorrow waves joy are drifting through my open mind are possessing and caressing me... Nothing's gonna change my world 

Nothing's Going to Change My World (Leyla's thoughts)

That's a lie and we all know it, yet we all sometimes try to keep it from being the inevitable reality that it will always be. Your world, my world, everyone's world will change - for the worse, for the better, it will change. 

There you have it... my "deep thoughts" straight from the archives, no edits, and in only 23 minutes!! 

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