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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

So Many Posts, So Little Time - Blog Post About Blog Posts I Haven't Written Yet

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There are so many blog posts I need to write but haven't written.

Instead, I decided to write a short post about all the posts I intent to expand upon... some day soon you will get the real deal!

Four Seasons Marrakech

One more post about my trip to Morocco
I wanted to compile a list style post, complete with travel details like where to stay, what to see, etc., for the friends who commented on my previous Morocco blog posts and social shares from my trip. Many asked me to detail our trip itinerary... it's still in the works (in my brain).

Gua sha bruises

Detailed account of the herniated discs 
Last spring / summer I was really hurt, like really, really badly hurt. I can't go into detail unless I really go into detail but I mentioned it in a post about being stagnant - sitting at a desk for too long. I want to write a post and give a full account of what happened (the intense pain) and how I recovered - especially crediting the team of people who helped me recover.

College reunion trip to Carbondale

My college reunion and trip to Carbondale 
My friends from college and I celebrated our 20 year reunion by driving back to Carbondale for the weekend. I traveled with my friends from freshman year, many of whom I have not seen in years. We rented a cabin, went to the college bars and toured campus. It was a blast and I must share this update!! 

Stay tuned... I'll get there!  

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