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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What Would Leyla Say About Spicy Hot Wings?

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Why spicy wings are cuter than a kitten - how I spiced up a chicken wing crawl! 

You're probably wondering - Why would Leyla want to eat hot wings? And you'd be 1/2 right to think I would not eat chicken wings, but I do. I eat chicken wings in the privacy of my home, never in public, until now!

Chicken Wings - Bottled Blonde Chicago
Chicken wings from Bottled Blonde in Chicago

I was recently prompted into a conversation, which later turned into a challenge, about chicken wings. And who can opt out of a challenge that involves chicken wings?

The challenge was to find the best spicy chicken wings in Chicago - but there was a catch! We only could only visit restaurants where waitresses were scantily clad. We rated each wing spot by ambiance, food & beverage taste and value.

~ This post is 100% my idea and in NO WAY was I compensated for any part of this ~

Bottled Blonde Chicken Wings
PBR and bar-style chicken wings + lots of sports at Bottled Blonde

Bottled Blonde 
Ambiance - lots of TVs but music was not as good as other places. Women are considerably more flat chested than Hooters.

Seating area - quasi table with a low-seated banquette that looks like my grandparents lawn furniture.

Food & beverage - chicken wings tasted petrified with a substandard sauce. They had a small bourbon / rye selection, the only choices were: Bulleit, Jim beam, Makers 46.

Value - pricier than others ($13 for 8 wings)

Tilted Kilt 
Ambiance - good music lots of TVs. Hotter servers than others, more diverse crowd.

Seating area - large room with wooden tables and a few banquettes.

Food & beverage - larger menu than other wing spots. We had the traditional "Tilted" style (or Buffalo) wings. My companion said, "I'd like to go back and check out those nachos - The Irish Nachos." 

Value - fairly good value for beer and wings ($12.50 for 9 wings, $4 Coors light, $6 Corona)

Hot Wings - Tilted Kilt Chicago
Spicy wings at Tilted Kilt in Chicago

Ambiance - good music experience - Beatles, Chicago, Falco, most diverse crowd of all wing restaurants we visited. The servers were charming young ladies with the finest of etiquette... and the largest knockers of all other servers combined.

Seating Area - we sat at the high boys next to the windows in the bar area, there TVs above the counter / bar and it was not too crowded.

Food & beverage - original 10 piece, spicy traditional wings.  We were both pleasantly surprised, the wings were juicy. Crispy outside, tender inside with just the right amount of heat. However, my companion disagreed about the heat, "...could've been a little spicier for my taste." They have a fairly robust drink list and 16 oz beers on tap.

Value - best value of all the wing joints we visited (10 wings for $11)

Hooter's - Spicy Hot Wing Crawl
Spicy Traditional Wings at Hooter's in Chicago

Hooter's 16 oz beer

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